Coincidence? Reilly seriously injured 3rd time by DT Laing

[u]Edmonton Eskimos QB Mike Reilly may be seriously injured[/u]

[b]In his third-straight game playing against the Edmonton Eskimos, Laing, a Toronto Argonauts defensive tackle born and raised in Edmonton, forced his hometown's starting quarterback out of the game early.

With 3:07 left in the fourth quarter of Saturday's season-opener at SMS Equipment Stadium, Laing was flagged for a low hit on Reilly, who lay on the turf before being helped to the trainers table on the sideline to have his left knee examined.

“I don't want this on camera,? was all an obviously dejected Reilly offered reporters as he made his way out of the locker-room on crutches after the game.

Laing has certainly earned a headhunter label in the Eskimos locker-room – if not around the league – after knocking Reilly out of a game with a concussion two years ago, before injuring the quarterback's thumb at the bottom of the pile in a follow-up game last year.

I would hope that there's a punishment for it, because when the same thing continues to happen to the same guy, it's hard to believe it's just coincidence,? Nichols said.[/b]

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I vote coincidence

Dad had season ending games I each of his last two games against Winnipeg. 2 years down the drain. This league needs a bigger roster. Can't afford to have subpar backups year after year.

Reilly was injured due to incredibly poor offensive line play. Lang was pushed into him, I wouldn't call it dirty, and I hope it wasn't his intention to aim there either. I'm not a happy Esks fan right now... I see Reilly missing at least 6 weeks now. :frowning:

So if the roster was expanded to, say, 55 players the league would somehow find better backup QBs than it has now?

Have to say I like "Dad" as Darian Durant's nickname, tho.

Edmonton was kind of in tough IMO with the interior of their OLine. With O'Donnell trying the NFL again and Rottier and Wojt injured they were playing 2nd and 3rd stringers at Guard. That Argo DT rotation of Lang, Robertson and Cummings is going to be hard for experienced Guards to handle let alone back-ups and rookies. Hate to see Reilly injured again, he's a real gamer. Hopefully the brace he had on his left knee kept it from being completely blown out.

With Durant, one was a clean football play and this one this year... Just brutal coincidence. The worst.

I feel horrible for both QBs and hope they recover well. This league need great dynamic QBs like Reilly and Durant.

He does have a history, but I don't think it even deserved a flag. He was pushed down by the O lineman and could not avoid the contact. Bad luck for Reilly and the Eskimos this time. Hopefully Nichols can fill the hole.