Coin Toss?

I was baffled by the coin toss last night...Winnipeg won the toss but differed, and we chose to kick? and into the wind? and at the start of the 2nd half we were kicking into the wind again? what happened? was this a mistake or was the ticats that much out of it last night?

Ya, we got the wind in the fourth quarter too, and that helped...?

Winnipeg won the toss and differed to the second half. We wanted the wind in the second quarter so we chose an end to start the game. Winnipeg then got to choose to kick or return and they took the ball. At the start of the second half Winnipeg had the choice, they took the ball. We got the choice of end, and again took the wind for the end of the half. That's how we ended up kicking to start both halves.

In the end, it's really a moot point since we played one of the worst games I've ever seen from any Ti-Cat team.

What gets me about the coin toss - is that Ronnie chooses to FIGHT the wind with a "raw" QB and a weak punter. I think I would have taken the wind to help bolster confidence. This depending on D to win must change or we will go nowhere - O and Spcl Teams neeed to find some confidence.

That was funny we received the ball to begin the game and the 2nd half :slight_smile:.