Cohon's on the clock

Alright, so it's Day 1 for Mark Cohon today ... he's officially on the job now.

I'm waiting for an Ottawa announcement any day now :wink: That should be what's at the top of his list ...

Nothing yet...

What's taking him so damn long?! He had all day!! :wink:

Actually, I doubt they'd announce anything while the Senators are still playing.

i doubt they'll announce anything at all

Good article here. I can really see a synergy between the CFL and NBA with Cohoon's background working with David Stearn. And you know, this isn't bad at all, the CFL is a more wide open aggresive aerial game and any reference to basketball type analogies I personally don't see as bad at all. After all, anyone who knows basketball knows that defense is still extremely important to win a championship even though on the surface it appears to a casual observer not the case.

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Don't forget they've got to "get it right". These things take time. lol
I started to think when Tom Wright used to say that the B of G wanted to get it right, what they really meant was "get Wright", but Tom didn't catch on for a while.