Cohon wants football back in Ottawa

I think Ottawa makes the most sense: it has a history and a stadium. Sorry, but Halifax, Windsor, Quebec City are pie in the sky for now. Get back to 9 teams with Ottawa, then worry about a 10th team.

Maybe we should make sure that the 8 teams we have now are financially stable before we go ahead with expansion to any other city. I keep saying this, but its up to the fans in Ottawa to show that they want CFL football, but it seems they want to point fingers at everyone else instead of looking in the mirror as to why football in Ottawa has failed twice.

That you keep saying it doesn't make it any more accurate. :wink:

Are there any other businesses where you'd recommend offering a lousy product and lousy service and expecting continued financial support over the course of more than two decades? If so, could you please name them?

I think we should fold Montreal (using your reasoning). They've also failed twice and weren't supported when they were losing. For that matter, they didn't support them when they were winning in the 90's.

All I see is whining about the league, city council and the previous owners of the Gades' franchise. Is that accurate enough for you? Maybe if you had supported the team even when the Gliebs owned the franchise, you would still have a team. Fold Montreal, the team is a success because they made a smart decision by having most of their home games at an outdoor stadium, at McGill university. Sour grapes will not help your cause either , CRF.

the maple leafs :wink:

...Chicago Cubs...
...Detroit Lions...
...LA Clippers...
...Pittsburgh Pirates...
...Kansas City Royals...

Yes DG, again with the Leafs and this for 40 years now.

...on the subject of offering a lousy product, just what were you expecting CFRadmin?....instant Grey Cup contender? two of the four years the Gades were around they performed better than my Stampeders and my team didn't fold, and we had even more questionable ownership than the Gleibs...

Its always easier to blame someone else for your problems. The the Ottawa fans' case its always the fault of Ottawa's city council, or the Gliebermans and the CFL itself. The Gliebs, though they are not preferred owners, might have stayed and sold the team if they thought new owners might have better success than they did, but that was not the case. If the league does go back to Ottawa, the team's success will be squarely on the shoulders of the fans, if they dont show up in good numbers to support the team, how will they expect any corporate sponsers to pony up cash? It was the same situation when the Stallions went back to Montreal-- it was up to the fans wether or not the team survived, and you see how Montrealers embraced having a team again. Ottawa fans have to do the same thing- embrace the team and support them- no matter how good or bad the team might be-- no matter what local government , the league or new owners do with this team, it will be the fans' hands wether or not this team survives a 3rd try of CFL football in Ottawa. If it fails , fans will have no one to blame but themselves.

Sambo I thought they got good crowds at Lansdowne Park. Did they not get around 25,000. I like R&W know what it is like to have bad ownership. Yet Stampeder fans supported the team regarless. I think the same was happening in Ottawa. The Gleibs left because it was not fun anymore. The real problem is the stadium rental agreement which is from the city of Ottawa. Any owner going into this situation is bound for failure. It is up to the fans of Ottawa to put pressure on their city council to give prospective ownership a good deal. Otherwise failure will be a way of life for a franchise. Melnyk balked at being envolved for this reason I am sure. It is to bad Ottawa is a good sports city. Politics gets in the way of course.

Actually 05, if you look at the 2005 sked on this site, you will see they had only 2 crowds of 20 + and that was only by a few hundred. Their average was below that, so the fans stayed away in droves. The only games that were 20+ were games involving the Riders and the Als I do believe. Im not sure where you got the 25 000 from, but maybe attendance was better in previous years. Ottawa fans should really look at the attendance numbers before blaming anyone else as to why the franchise folded.

PS-their average attendance in 2005 was 18489 for 9 home games- their pre-season home game was in Halifax if I remember correct.

PS-Sorry 05, as DG pointed out to me, it was Toronto and Hamilton who did the game in Halifax. There is a zero in the attendance figures for Ottawa’s home Pre-season game for 2005, so maybe they just did not bother to post those figures, or a count was not taken for that game.

that is incorrect.

toronto played hamilton in the TD atlantic.

ottawa volenteered to play in the 2nd TD atlantic game, but then folded and the game was cancelled.

So Montreal has that average do they not. And we are talking about the Gleibs stupid promo's as well. Look you get an ownership like the Gleibs twice this will hurt crowds. But realy we are close to 20,000 fans as an average. With the right ownership in place you will see the fans come out. The real problem is you can not attract a good ownership group unless you get a fair deal for the stadium. With out a fair deal you will attract guys that want a hobby not a football franchise.

Actually 05, they are getting over 20 thousand per game. The Gades average in 2005 was a few hundred over 18 thousand. Montreal sells out all their games plus they play one or two games the big Owe. I feel that makes a huge difference for them as well.

DG, I was talking about the 2005 season , not the 2006 season. I do believe that Ottawa played a pre-season game in Halifax.

your still wrong.

the '05 season was the TD atlantic game between the argos and ticats.

the '06 one was the one that was cancelled, which ottawa was scheduled to play in.

prove me wrong then…

prove yourself bout that...

u made the initial statement about preseason games in halifax...U prove yourself correct.

OK.. I looked it up and I stand corrected, my apologies.


At least Im man enough to admit when Im wrong, how long did it take you to admit the same thing... one year??