Cohon to Schultz: Hold on there

One game in Atlantic Canada and Schultz has the league growing by 3-4 teams. Cohon puts his two cents in (doesn't mention Schultz, mind you).

I read both earlier. I thought the article by Schultz was interesting but a bit naive.

i hated schultz’s article.

i’d like to think someone in chris’ position would know abit more about the topic than us forum users, but i guess that is not the case.

Yeah, Schultz's credibility took a bit of a hit in my books after I saw his article. Then again, his expertise is in playing football, not running a team. Especially since he left out Ottawa, but he included Saskatoon and had teams in both Moncton and Halifax. What's up with that?

just because Schultz writes articles and appears on TV for TSN every week does not mean he's Smart.

Too true. Shultzie had a few too many before writing that article. :lol:

I wonder if the whole Ottawa/Moncton/Halifax thing was an error because he's since corrected it. But he still has Saskatoon, and we all know that'll never work.

Saskatoon doesn't even WANT another CFL team. Move the Riders there.....fine. But not a second one.

There was a link on the ticats forum with a picture of the stadium being prepared for sunday. Looks like it'll be a tall temp grandstands in each endzone to bring us over 20k. One thing i like very much about the 10k permanent part of the stadium is that blue and yellow colour scheme for the seating. Seems very warm and inviting to me, much moreso than the solid sea of orange chairs in commonwealth or the benches at other parks.

the link:

We have tossed this around before for Moncton and many other venues in Canada with similar situations.
It's too bad they did not build it right for the start. By first getting a conditional franchise, like Ottawa, subject to a stadium of a minimum 25,000 and a stable rich owner.

The Schultz article was garbage in my humble opinion.

But anyways, Cohon is a smart man. His approach from day one in regards to expansion has been very conservative.
He's made it clear the CFL isn't goin to waste it's time on expansion until there's a plan for a stadium to house that franchise. There's a prospective ownership group that has invited him to come visit Quebec City and try to use his influance to encourage the expansion of PEPS stadium. Cohon has never accepted to go.
I think he's doing thing right.

At the very least, the CFL gets to expose it's market to Atlantic Canada, if it leads to an expansion team so be it.
But the benefits to the league will be more immediate.

Chris Shultz is a pretty smart football guy, but he's overly optimistic in his timeline. Moncton is probably one of the better long term choices for expansion, but they won't have a team before Quebec City. Most of the cities he picked were decent choices, Saskatoon was not. His timeline was also far too optimistic. Maybe in 10 years time with a healthy Ottawa we'll see serious discussions with Quebec City and Moncton.

I'd say that Schultz is one of the smartest commentators/writers TSN has. That doesn't mean he won't miss the mark on occasion, but it's also no reason to question his intelligence. At least he doesn't leave words out of his articles that completely change the entire meaning of them! :stuck_out_tongue: 8)

Chris's comments put him in the same category as many of us fans. Many of us would like to see the CFL expand, but Cohon has to state the reality. Owners and stadiums are needed and of course enough fans to make it work.

This is a great event, I think it is smart for Mr. Cohon to keep the focus on what it is, an event. I'm heading down tonight, there are concerts startgin tomorrow night and a rapper buddy of mine is on stage friday night, there are some of the best dj's in the country in the clubs there this weekend, gonna attempt to tailgate at the U of Moncton, catch some CIS and some CFL football and do some partying Acadian style :lol:

Sounds like a lot of fun, should be great, I’m envious of people attending.

I like Shultz and will give him credit for speaking as a fan, the more the merrier type of thing. But Cohon is right to be conservative, a lot of people in this country think that a CFL team is a mom and pop type operation, if you have a couple of million that qualifies you as an owner, and we know that that just isn’t the case.

The league needs to be, and is more and more, putting on a professional look, thanks in part to TSN as well, and with some new stadiums and the upgrades in Montreal and Vancouver, this is the image. PEPS stadium is not CFL ready and unless there is a business plan with some major money, forget it. That being said, no problem like the Flames and Sens did playing out of junior rinks for a few years, if QC does have an excellent business plan and stadium in the works, then that’s a different story.

It will always be a chicken and egg scenario anywhere that doesn’t have a stadium, since you can’t attract an owner without a stadium and you can’t have a stadium without a prospective owner. Remember that Ottawa already had at least a partial stadium when it’s blue chip owner group came forward. So, building even a small stadium in Moncton, without an owner in sight, was a bold move to try and break that chicken-egg cycle. Once it can be demonstrated, probably over several seasons of stellar single-game attendance, that the Maritimes will in fact support a profitable franchise, we’ll probably see a possible owner surface. This is a good start in Moncton, but there is still a lot to prove. There is no other place even on the radar because no other city so far has the gumption that Moncton does.

Agree rp.

I'm grateful that I can drive to ONE game and they've put a lot of stuff around it to make it worth spending 3 days in Moncton. A team would be great but even this is a great gift from Moncton and CFL teams and fans to share their teams for one weekend. They do this well, they will grow a fan base.