Cohon tells Coaches/GM's don't tell media they sent video in

I didn't want to make this another Riders against the world thread, so I am posting it seperately.

Mr. Cohon, has said the disparging remarks from Austin and Tillman were specifically asking for the explaination.

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So I have to wonder how long it will be before the league stops all coaches and GMs the opportunity to indicate publicly that they are sending in video for review. To me that is questioning the referee.

Your thoughts on Cohon explaination

:lol: :lol: I like when I am right yet again. Did you notice even the BOG of the Riders agreed what Tillman and Austin did was wrong. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I am not sure what you are claiming you are right about RW05. The meeting Cohon is referencing took place before the Hamilton game back in September not after.

As I stated in the pre-ample, I wanted to make this about Cohon comments. Do you think it is okay for the league to fine a team if they are publicly asking for an explaination?

And secondly, if the answer to that question is yes, how long to you thing it will take before the league starts handing out fines to coaches who say they are going to send tapes in for review?

The Rider BOGs certainly were not specifically talking about this latest incident back in Sept., but based on what was decided then, I don't believe they have anything to complain about.
I have no problem with the fines.
But the underlying issue is the inconsistant officiating, and if a few GMs, etc., ie., Ted Hellard, ET need to go public with their concerns and take a few fines to get any action from the league, then so be it.

Not long by these standards, Cohon refers to, set by the league H.O. and the B.O.G.. Its not hard to understand why either, as a league with crappy officiating shouldn't get any credit as a top flight pro sports league. This explains why our image is as poor as it is to this point.

The current system is sort of like taking a step forward and a step back if you consider that Proulx will be suiting up this week with the leagues full support dispite obvious difficulties.

My contention is: Can we count on the league(Cohon, Black, Daley) and the B.O.G., in a lesser role, to take the necessary steps in the offseason to right these wrongdoings? Furthermore, can we implement a system that deals with the incompetance of officials immediately(in mid-season) rather than in the offseason?

I understand that apparently there is a shortage of qualified officals with which to replace the incompetant with. I have heard some positive comments from the CFL about promotion of officials through the C.I.S and junior football leagues which will promote from highschool leagues and so-on.

I believe we need to excelerate this process. Without immediate solutions to the officiating issues, day-by-day the image only gets worse. I know there is no retribution, now, for the Calgary Stampeders who may have lost the right to host a home playoff contest(and as much as $550k in potential revenue) as the second place team in the west. I also know there will be no flowers on the doorstep of the Saskatchewan Roughriders in light of an official contributing his two cents, through inconsistancy after the fact, to the west division standings and the west div. final birth in a Sept. 22nd contest against the BC Lions.

I'm sure Ive missed some outcome altering moments brought to you by the CFL's men-in-stripes and for that I appologise. In conclusion, I believe the current system literally costs to much to too many teams. Lets work this out CFL.


How exactly did the refs "win" the game for the Leos? Huh? Because they ejected a Leo?

Gawd, talk about sour grapes. :roll:

It says "through inconsistancy after the fact". What I meant by that was if our linemen were thrown out for much less(ie of BC fouls: punches, kicking, pinning, helmut throwing) then in retrospect, considering Proulx was the official in both games, I feel as if the consistancy level is not there.

Its not sour grapes people!!!! I want professional officiating to match the professionalism (typically)displayed by the players and coaches ALL AROUND THE LEAGUE. No team should have to be insecure about the quality of officiating throughout the season. Right?


I think the CFL wants to follow the same "blue print" of the NHL & NFL. Follow the channels, and you wont get fined.

Interesting. And how many community owned franchises do those leagues have?

How about we do it the way we always did, before Cohon, the way that is unique for a league with 3 of 8 franchises owned by the communities. But with timely responses from the league office when asked relevant questions by any club and some much needed accountability.