Cohon staying away today......along with Ticats


Didn’t you know though that the new curriculum to be a sports writer these days is at least a half-course in fortune telling, so I’ve heard anyways. 8)

I don't care what anyone says about the NFL not wanting Toronto, with this kind of money and a media magnet, wake up.
Seeing how LA is out there! There is no big advantage to being in Toronto. Dollar can dip down, no additional TV revenue, no new list of sponsors, and really how many new paid fans?

If 15,000 - 20,000 already go to Bills games then you are really only add 30,000 to capacity.

Well, here's a twist....Pinball thinks this is great for the CFL (or so he "says") :roll:

Argos offer priority access to Bills' tickets

Marshawn Lynch Staff

2/6/2008 1:21:19 PM

The Buffalo Bills announced their plans to play regular season and preseason games in Toronto at a news conference on Wednesday.

The Bills will play five regular season games and three preseason games over the next five years and Toronto Argonauts season ticket holders will get guaranteed and priority access to 20,000 tickets.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced on Monday the team will not participate in the plan that would have allowed their fans to get the same access to Bills' tickets.

"We feel that bringing NFL games to stadiums in Canada without a comprehensive agreement between the CFL and the NFL will lead to unintended consequences, not all of them good," said Ticats owner Bob Young in the release.

[u]But Argonauts' CEO Michael 'Pinball' Clemons is looking at the plan as an opportunity to promote the Canadian game.

''We at the Argos see this as an added value to an already great season ticket package,'' Clemons said. ''Furthermore, if this opportunity exposes more people to the great game of three down football, through the sale of more Argos season tickets, that's good news for the CFL. One of the primary goals of the Argonauts' organization is to grow the sport of football in the GTA, and this opportunity will expose more Torontonians to our sport.''[/u]


Did I read Pinball right?.....he said more people will buy Argos seasons tickets so they can get a chance at Bills tickets?......excuse me, but that is lame and in no way grows the CFL....who handed Pinball that script?


You dont have to be a sports writer or even have any sports knowledge to throw out an opinion. Happens in here everyday.

Hamilton Spectator even employs some.

Well, here's an opinion of a Buffalo sportswriter...and it doesn't sound good because these guys know Ralph Wilson better than anyone here does:

Toronto: A Nice Place To Visit??

Nick Mendola - Wednesday, February 6, 2008 - 1:28 PM

[i]Nick Mendola is covering Wednesday's Buffalo Bills press conference in Toronto. He can be reached at:


Gee, mikey there has to be MORE long opinion pieces out there.

Keep spamming, whoops, I mean hunting.

People have to realize that the big rich boys out there, most anyways, love to get together and talk about their hobbies and that, especially hobbies that are financially successful. That's the type of hobby any rich person likes having a few drinks over.

So very true Earl....

Now, the clever thing for the Ticats to do is to bond with the Buffalo media and the Bills fans and make a real marketing push to that fanbase and make them Tiger-Cat fans. :wink:

That's the way to teach those Argonaut "suits" for selling us all out.

Mikey, exactly what were the Argos supposed to do?

I do not like the NFL. I find the CFL more entertaining but that's my view. Having said that, when the NFL does come to Canada, can we put a positive spin on it. Would it not be necessary for CFL teams to improve the quality of their game now that there is another kid on the block competing for that entertainment dollar? Would it light a fire under the CFL to expand the market to other areas such as the east coast thus broadening the CFL fan base?