Cohon staying away today......along with Ticats

yup.....I really hope somebody taped this thing....

I was listening to the whole thing on the Fan590

The girl asking questions from CHCH really didn't sound informed when she asked what they thought of the Ticat GM opting out......

huh?....the GM ?

She also should have said "Hamilton Tiger-Cats" seeing that there were media from all over the place there....not just "Ticats"

At any rate, it sounded to like Ralph Wilson has fallen in love with this group in Toronto and took swipes at both the Buffalo economy, tourism and the team itself.

The Toronto group was gushing at all the money and construction in Toronto now and compared the growth to Dallas.

Thanks. From what I know, Ralph doesn't much like the politicians in Buffalo as they probably haven't catered enough to him. Unlike this consortium group in Toronto of course!

What was CHCH doing having someone there who doesn't know exactly what to say?

Any body still dont think the NFL is coming to Toronto?Come on!

I was a little suprised too....I didn't even recognize who it was

Anyways, another gem from Rogers....

I think what we have here is a damn fine deal.......a great partnership and it is great for the people of Buffalo, Buffalo Bills, Western New York, the people of Southern Ontario and Toronto.

:roll: [/u]

Are you saying it’s a bad deal for Rogers, mikey?

Hey, let's all have a party and celebrate I guess. :expressionless:

Yes, an NFL owner trying to emotionally blackmail the local gov't . They will lose the team unless they see things his way.
I think it's the first time in the history of the NFL that has ever happened.


With Godfrey, Tannenbaum and the folks from Rogers Communications behind this......and the willingness of the Bills to look north .....well, this new website that Rogers just launched may hold a hint.

Personally, I think this is just a "priming of the Southern Ontario market for a future NFL team in Toronto"......these 8 games in 5 years are just part of the over-all business my opinion

They "the NFL" dont have a need for Canada but them in "Toronto" Think they can handle the NFL!Its only a matter of time before B.C crys foul and wants a NFL team too saying they are bigger then Toronto! Its all very interesting.

Completely agree mb, these guys are heavy hitters, heck, Rogers is the head media king in all of Canada or very close to it, what's he worth, some $5 billion or so not counting MLSE's involvement in this.

I don't care what anyone says about the NFL not wanting Toronto, with this kind of money and a media magnet, wake up.

You don't think S.Ontario is already a "primed" market? A primed market without the hassle of moving a team.

Whoop dee doo.

If ever the Bills are put up for sale there will be more websites hyping their cities.
Is Rogers trying to get ahead of the curve as future suitors?, maybe , who cares.

There's going to be ALOT of interested parties that will come out of the woodwork with more money than Ted Rogers.

To think Rogers/Tor. is the end all to be all of the future of the NFL is exactly the Toronto-centric hype we supposedly all hate and all see through.

Stop buying in to it.

I buy that Ted is worth easily $5 bill and Tanenbaum worth another few bill.

Wilson Elusive On Buffalo's Future

Wednesday, February 6, 2008 12:16 PM - Nick Mendola - WGR 550

(WGR 550) — Ralph Wilson, Jr. had the opportunity to douse the blaze ignited by the Bills' announcement that they'll play eight home games over five years in Toronto.

He chose to fan the flames instead.

In front of a packed Northern Lights Ballroom at the Renaissance Toronto Hotel that included over 40 television cameras, Toronto officials and a Hall of Fame running back, the Bills owner and others refused to speculate on the long-term prospects of the Bills in Buffalo.

"We're here to create a little excitement, and not the same old thing, every week," Wilson said, seated alongside Rogers Communications officials Ted Rogers and Phil Lind, and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment chairman Larry Tanenbaum.

"To the fans of Buffalo: Hey, I can't speculate. Don't worry," Wilson said.

"Don't worry right now."

While he endlessly praised the partnership the franchise has created with Toronto, that optimism didn't stop Wilson from illuminating the failures and problems plaguing Buffalo.

"The town of Buffalo and it's no secret is diminishing in size. Ted (Rogers), you said you'd like to see more people moving (to Toronto), would you send a few of them to Buffalo?" Wilson asked, "Cause Buffalo is going the other way. It's dwindling in population, in jobs. People move out of Western New York, so I would say to keep the team there, we had to regionalize. The team could not be maintained in Buffalo, and I did not want to have the team leave Buffalo because we still had hundreds of thousands of very passionate fans. I thought it would be a death knell for the city of Buffalo."

Preceding those comments was unabashed positivity toward the project, spearheaded by Lind.

"Like many Canadians, I follow the Buffalo Bills with great, great interest," he said. "We believe this series will be good for the sport of football overall. Everyone will benefit."

While Lind and Rogers declined comment on every question directed toward their desire to have an NFL franchise in Toronto, Lind did address some details of the venture:

Saying this was a dream at least 20 years old, Lind said they would use a random selection process for tickets, similar to how the NFL conducted 2007's regular season game between Miami and the New York Giants in London, England, and directed season ticket holders and general interest to a web site, Lind said tickets will be sold as a one-time, eight-game commitment, and that payment in full will not have to be made up front.

Lind also said there would be some tickets available below $100.

Rogers, who runs the corporation bearing his name, said spoke often of the economic impact this venture will bring to Toronto, and with good reason. The Bills will simply be providing the football players, while the Rogers Centre controls all other aspects of the operation, apart from the visiting team, which will be decided by the league.

for complete story:

So Wilson is hyping his money-making Tor.scheme and twisting the vise on city gov't to get a new deal.

There isnt an NFL owner alive who hasn't done something similar.

Bills owner agrees Toronto could support NFL franchise
February 06, 2008, 12:24 PM

by Shane Dingman

From Sean Fitz-Gerald:

It was an off-the-cuff response, but nevertheless it offered hope to the NFL-mad types in the GTA:

This morning at the Rogers Centre Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson, 89, was asked if he felt Toronto could support a franchise (the question was not phrased as to whether we're talking about his franchise, just any team) his answer was succint:

"I would answer that in the affirmative."

The opinion came with the official launch of the five-year plan to "regionalize" the Bills fan base by holding eight games, five regular season and three pre-season contests in Toronto over the next five years.

Organizers have also pledged tickets will be availalbe for under one hundred dollars, though the block of dates is being marketed as a "premium event."

Fans can register now at to a "no obligation ticket list NOW! Once you're a part of this exclusive group, you'll get full information on game dates and pricing packages – even before tickets become available!"

Bills organizers have said all along the goal of games in Toronto is to strengthen the team in Buffalo, by minting more fans from across the border.

Many now wonder whether the series represents a first step on the team's move to Toronto. "They can think whatever they want," he told The Buffalo News last month. "I can't speculate the future."

Source: (National Post)

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Here's the way it goes down assuming Ted passes on during these 5 years:

All games in Toronto are sold-out and successful.

Buffalo really gets afraid they might lose the team to Toronto so build a new stadium downtown and the family sells the team to an American.

Toronto applies for and gets an expansion NFL team since they helped the Bills.

or this.....

Source: click here

Tuesday, February 5, 2008 7:12 PM EST

Is Bills' game in Toronto an audition?

If you're a Bills fan and aren't concerned about the NFL giving the team permission to play five regular season games in Toronto between the coming season and 2012, you should be.

For years it's been speculated that soon after the death of owner Ralph Wilson Jr., the Bills will be gone from Western New York.

And nothing has changed that perception.

Ralph's daughters, who now work in the organization but are both of grandmother age, have no interest in taking over the team ... especially given the punitive nature of the inheritance tax.

Instead, the Bills' 89-year-old owner has indicated the franchise will be sold to the highest bidder upon his death.

But, with a property that Forbes values in the $625 million range, that may be problematic to be pulled off in a region of declining population and troubled economy.

Hall of Famer Jim Kelly's bid to put together a group to buy the team might be well-intentioned, but it's doubtful he can assemble investors with the financial juice to make such a pricey purchase and keep the team here.

Besides, it's already evident the Bills are in financial trouble, despite the fans' best efforts, and Wilson is still around.

Clearly the problem is cash flow.

Buffalo's average ticket price is among the lowest in the NFL and even with a full house - the Bills sold out every game this season - the team is losing financial ground, especially with its luxury box revenue a fraction of the league norm.

That's where Toronto comes in.

Supposedly, the Bills' goal, in bidding for the Toronto games, is to recruit Canadian corporations to help subsidize the franchise.aBut do you really think one annual regular-season game and an exhibition contest will accomplish that?

Think about it.

A game is being taken away from a team that generally sells them all out, despite being one of the NFL's three smallest markets.

And consider this, the Toronto connection handling the Bills' games consists of Blue Jays owner Ted Rogers, the third richest Canadian worth nearly $5 billion and after whom the stadium is named, and Larry Tanenbaum, owner of both the NHL's Maple Leafs and NBA's Raptors.

For the record, nearly five million populate the metro Toronto area, several times more than the region where the Bills currently market outside of Canada. And, oh yeah, the $250 average for Bills' tickets in Toronto is four times more than the Ralph Wilson Stadium average, even after adjusting for the exchange rate.

It's hard not to conclude that Wilson has read Western New York's financial tea leaves and concludes his team can't survive in Western New York after his death.

Thus, he's granting a Canadian audition for potential buyers who can not only afford the Bills, but would also relocate them a mere 90 minutes from Buffalo.

And while it's a discouraging option, it still beats the San Antonio or Los Angeles Bills.

Bills would not split the pie and would block Tor. getting an expansion franchise.

If the dream were to come true Tor. gets a team only if the Bills no longer exist.

Hmmm, good read there mb for sure.

That's exactly what this issue needs more of ...OPINION pieces by media types who have no more clue of what the future holds than any of us do. :roll: