Cohon staying away today......along with Ticats

Cohon, Cats no-shows

CFL boss, Tabbies won't take part in Bills/Argos partnership today

February 06, 2008
Ken Peters
The Hamilton Spectator
(Feb 6, 2008)

The Buffalo Bills are set to call their play to bring American football north of the border today.

Details of the Bills' bid to play eight National Football League contests over the next five seasons at Rogers Centre are expected to be unveiled by club owner Ralph Wilson Jr. at a news conference in Toronto this morning.

Expected to attend is Ted Rogers, president and CEO of Rogers Communications Inc. (the central figure), along with Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment chairman Larry Tanenbaum, of the Rogers' Stadium Limited Partnership that is working with the Bills and Toronto Argonauts on the proposal.

But Canadian Football League commissioner Mark Cohon, who is reported to have brokered a deal that would have seen 5,000 tickets each offered to Argo and Ticat season ticket-holders on a priority basis, won't be there.

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Stephen Brunt's view this morning:(Globe and Mail)

NFL's arrival divides Argos, Ticats - which can't be good for entire CFL


February 6, 2008

It is a neighbourhood dispute and a nasty one, and down the road it could have grave consequences for the CFL.

The league exists today in large part thanks to the owners of the Toronto Argonauts and Hamilton Tiger-Cats, who have reached deeply into their pockets to keep the CFL alive in the country's largest, most challenging market.

That kind of largesse, those kind of saviours, don't grow on trees.

Now, the traditional rivals find themselves at odds far away from the football field, divided over how to deal with the Buffalo Bills' incursion into Canada.

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Perry Lefko (Sportsnet) weighs in:

Cross-border shopping

Tuesday, February 5, 2008
Perry Lefko

Is the Bills' decision to play regular season games in Toronto a reason to believe or a cause for concern?

Times certainly have changed in the relations between the Canadian Football League and the National Football League.

Go back to 1997 when the two leagues first struck a partnership and the difference between now and then is the better health of the CFL, which should make it more concerned and assertive about going forward with the NFL.

In 1997, the CFL desperately needed the NFL for financial relief, a $4 million Cdn, interest-free loan. The CFL, which was on the brink of financial ruin, gladly accepted the handout.

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Is Buffalo also nervous?..seems so

Kick-off in Toronto

NFL approval of game-a-year plan carries both hope and risk for WNY

With the economy going south, the Buffalo Bills are heading north. The now-approved deal allowing the Bills to play one regular-season football game in Toronto over each of the next five seasons is a reasonable short-term step to try to expand the franchise’s fan base and save the team, at least regionally. It’s a decent short-term move, with troubling long-term implications.........

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So the logic of this article is that because the Ti-Cats don't want the NFL in Canada that somehow makes them unfaithful to the Argo's and the CFL???

So now the logic is that not having the NFL in Canada is bad for the CFL? WOW!

I agree with the Ti-Cat stance on this issue and I'm counting on Bob to save the CFL, that's all. I like the diplomatic approach you're taking so far. Can't keep the Bills out, but lets not lay out the welcome mat either.
Meanwhile we have Stephen Brunt, a writer I used to respect a great deal, doing his best to intimate that the league is once more heavily divided and that some kind of imminent internal war is about to break.
Well. I'm pretty sure that all the CFL governors are united in there opposition to the NFL setting up shop in Toronto.
Brunt's predictable speculations about the CFL are becoming a bore. No wonder Bobby Orr wouldn't co-operate with him on his book.

I wonder if the ____s would have a different stance about the NFL games if they weren't tenants at the Rogers Centre.

Then I wonder if they are second guessing their decision to pull out of the BMO field deal or the one at York University because of the cheap rent Rogers offered them.

Hindsight is 20/20 I suppose.

  • paul

Brunt's view does seem off in left field, I agree. Never thought he was one to stretch the truth for a story but it seems that way now. I very much doubt that the Argos and Ticats are really divided on this no matter who or who doesn't show up at this affair today or what the spin appears to be.

One thing I do agree with Brunt hearing what he had to say on the Fan590 with Bob McCown last night was that Toronto and Hamilton are very different types of fans, at least a certain percentage anyways in Hamilton. I'll agree with that although there are many people in Hamilton who basically tie themselves to anything Toronto who probably don't have well established roots in Hamilton. No question, Hamilton is an interesting marketplace with all sorts of different fans.

How can this help the Argos?It doesnt unless the Argos ownership jump on the bandwagon tight away since "The CFL Comish and many other teams are not in the same ball park as them "The B.C lions, Hamilton tigercats"! I hope this just show what length the argos will go get fans!Even if it means going behind the league to do it!

I don't think the Argos are going behind the league Just. They are in a very difficult position and my guess is Cohon just indicated to them to do what they feel best. I don't know, I might be totally wrong on that though but that's what I think.

I found it very eye-opening to hear Ralph Wilson descibe all the hoops they had to jump though to get permission to take the Bills on the road to Toronto....

They needed approvals from the state of New York, the Governor of New York, all sorts of other regulatory bodies and of course, all the NFL took them six months to do all this apparantly......

So what would be wrong in our Governments having a say in this?...or our CFL owners voting on this ??

Geez, you'd think with all that time passing there would have been some time available to have an agreement in place between the two leagues. I wonder what the holdup was?

Obviously they weren't worried at all because Ted Rogers is arrogant enough to ensure them that Canada would roll and not put up any roadblocks....

I almost choked when Ted Rogers bragged and laughed that he owns a $600 million dollar facility that "others" paid for (meaning the taxpayers)and that he only paid $25 million for..........why was it necessary that he said that?


This was during the news conference mb?

Thats the whole thing! B.C and Hamilton and the comish for sure but could be more as much as I know dont want this to happen. The Argos went on doing business with out permission from the other teams.

Tanenbaum and company probably made big-time overtones to the owners of the Argos that if you say the wrong thing, we'll screw the Argos royally. I bet my bottom dollar. They were told to take the deal and shut up or else.

Why make Ted Rogers a villain?
He 's a business man. This is a legal business arrangement between him and Ralph Wilson, with permisssion from the NFL, to play games in a stadium he owns. Nothing more.
Save the conspiracies for another day this issue is farrrrr from being decided despite what cheerleaders in T.O. and in here say.


We are all allowed to think what might have gone on behind close doors, it's our right as human beings to think what we want on these matters.

Ted rogers a villain?You have a little idia what kind of headache he is ahead for him?The Blue Jays will hurt,the Raptors will hurt,The leafs and the teachers union will have to by no choice to share the market!Very interesting stuff ahead of toronto!Then comes the thought of a new stadium maybe!Geeeeeez!