Cohon Says There's No CFL Without Tranna?

Cohon has done some good things, but what’s he doing saying that if the ARgos somehow disappear, the cFL is dead? As he was quoted in the Toronot STar today.

What kind of talk is that? Montreal disappeared for several years, yet the league survived. Ottawa died and the league survived. There’ll still be 8 major cites in the league.

I’ve never heard a commisioner of a pro sports league talk this way. Not even that idiot Gary Bettman. To me he’s playing right into the hands of the CFL bashers in the Tranna media.

Maybe its better if Cohon and Ackles kept their talk behind closed doors, instead of feeding the jackles with these outrageous quotes.


I wouldn't mind Cynnamon and Sokolowski moving out of TO and setting up a franchise in some more deserving place. Maybe a partnership with the Quebec City folks who want to build that stadium and NHL arena complex, or the city of Moncton which actually seems to want a good pro-sports league to come to town. There is no law that says a franchise owner must be a local boy; I don't believe Robert Wettenhaul actually lives in MTL.

I think what it boils down to is corporate sponsorship dollars. With no CFL team in Toronto, the CFL won't be on the radar of those who live and work in Toronto and make the sponsorship decisions for those companies.

EDIT: For example, Nissan has their logo on the Argo jersies, and their Canadian HQ is in Mississauga

nope what BobbyP?

I was a little thrown by the quote too.

ARgos get in trouble, stick them in London or Quebec City or Moncton. Look for expansion. Get aggressive.

WE don't need a commissioner of a league giving these doomsday scenarios. Sounds like Ted Rogers has paid him off or something.

If the NFL can survive without LA, the CFL can and will survive without Toronto.

And that is exactly why Ackles and Cohon are saying what they are saying.

So what about corporate sponsorship outside Toronto? And if a league has national appeal is drawing strong TV numbers nationally, how could sponsors avoid a tryly national league like the cFL. Where you get national exposure, as opposed to just exposure in Tranna?

Maybe its better if Cohon and Ackles kept their talk behind closed doors, instead of feeding the jackles with these outrageous quotes.
Thats what nope

I don’t know. Like shouldn’t they be discussing Plan B in private instead of declaring the league dead in public?

The league must expand to survive, regardless of the NFL threat.
Eight teams is not feasible and we have to get at least to 10 and dream for 12.

Agree 100%.
Cohon should be promoting the league across Canada. Not going around saying its over. How does that help with growing the game?

Mark should be in Ottawa weekly for not only to push the local government and the Hunt group to build the new Ottawa stands asap, but while there he should speak to the Feds regarding funding for stadiums in Quebec City and Moncton.
In fact, local government groups in each city with the prospective team owners must be part of this group when when cup in hand is required.
Some of us have been saying there is no better funding of our tax dollars for stadiums then the CFL in support of the last bastion of Canadiana left.

Agree 100%
Cohon should be aggressive in securing the league's future. Not acting all wishy washy and defeatist.
And the last thing he should be doing is feeding the Toronto media with quotes that they in turn use to validate their ridiculous articles.

Still got your head in the sand eh berezen.

When hitler started invading his neighbours, other countries like USA and Canada just didnt want to admit that he was a real threat. They too kept their head in the sand. Specially the USA

History is full of situations, where people kept their heads in the sand and refused to believe a bad thing was happening or could happen, etc. This regarding very important issues, and lessor important issues. On the big scale, compared to things like Hitler, a threat to CFL is very lessor, but none the less, just as real. The NFL monster WILL destory the CFL, if we let it. Cohon and Ackles are the voices that need to be listened to. CFL will NOT survive at the level it is now, without Toronto, or for that matter, with any 7 or less teams. It could only be reborn as a watered down double A minor league. Which actually, I myself would still be interested in, but.....

Huh? Hitler? What the?
NFL monster? Huh?
NFL ain't a monster outside its borders.
Look at the disaster NFL Europe was.
Unless the NFL uses its money to blackball the CFL, how is it going to kill a league that has more fans and much more national interest?
Baseball and the NBA are big money games in the USa as well.
Up here they're squat.
NFL will find out the same thing.

I just hope I am never in position to say I told you so.

However, as long as there is any remote possibility that the NFL is a threat to CFL, the commish, and the BOG, MUST acknowledge and fight against it.

As I said in another thread, I am concerned with all this focus on the NFL by the commish. While the league has to be ready, its best defence is to have a great product. Focus on that and things will work out fine.

I do think that the commish background in central canada's business elite might be playing into this fear.

Question - Is this a political move to make the NFL look more like the evil empire than ever before and turn the Toronto and Canadian media against the NFL even more? That way, the NFL may focus on putting the Bills somewhere else (LA)? Or, is the Toronto media pro NFL and this is strictly a defeatest statement? Sorry, don’t know much about the Toronto media.