Cohon pushed out

According to Steve Simmons in today’s Sun, Cohon did not go on his own and was pushed out. If true, it’s sad that the CFL still has owners who don’t get the big picture yet

did simmons quote his source?

He seldom does. I read that as well.

Cohon was great but didn't work with/get how the entire CFL BoG wants to deal with Toronto. That's a big blemish on Mark Cohon despite his successes. For all intents and purposes let's face facts, Bob Young is a big player in the CFL and Jeff Hunt and his group in Ottawa as S Ontario is important to the CFL. The next commish either makes a new stadium/BMO excellent lease for the Argos or tanks the team. That's way before any expansion. Not an easy task how the Toronto situation is worked out with the CFL headquarter's in Toronto. Beyond Cohon. It's a HUGE HUGE challenge and the next commish has to be better and get something done, as I say, either way. TSN and Bell will demand it for the next television contract.

Basically, the next commish needs to make Toronto shi...t or get off the pot, in the next 12 months and make either scenario a success for the league. If not then Hamilton and Ottawa and Montreal are on their own for the "East" albeit Hamilton may be all that is required for "Toronto"/"GTA" to have a team. For advertisers/marketing. That I don't know.

But Cohon should be pushed out, he didn't get "Toronto" done either way, he left it dangling and in limbo. In my mind --- NEXT. He messed up on his biggest task and that is called death for anyone in whatever biz you want to call biz.

Well pro sports is all crap in many respects, all it does is make my cable bill the most expensive part of the my cable bill and I don't even watch much of pro sports live on TV except the CFL and that's only because I have a cultural Canadian connection to the league and the players make reasonable salaries for what an "athlete" should make IMHO.

Bottom line, all pro sports is way overrated for what we are all paying for it as cable subscribers of which a fair percentage don't even care who can dunk a basketball, catch a football, slap a hockey puck, hit a ball with a piece of wood or kick a piece of nylon ball into a goal etc. and as a basic cable subsriber, you have to pay for this even if you hate it and know it's the biggest part of your cable bill. Unreal. :roll: This has to end. CRTC, are you listening????

If pro sports went the way of the dodo bird tomorrow, really, who cares? Not as many people as some seem to think.

So add Cohon to the list.. Lysko,Wright, now Cohon.. But David Braley still around....hmmmmmmmm

I am not sure Cohon was pushed out or not. During his tenure he along with the people around him turned the CFL completely around and into a viable option for a prospective ownership group as we saw in Ottawa. With that accomplished now two very strong ownership groups have come in the last couple of season. OSEG in Ottawa and Calgary S&E adding the Stamps. His work in Halifax of recent have these models making it a much more of a realistic possibility. As well cutting any ties or attempts with Tanguay Remparts and Laval Corp were also key.
Now suddenly Quebecor has burst onto the scene in Quebec City managing the new arena, being the driving force behind financing an NHL club, and have already knock the Rouge et Or off their horse buy purchasing the Remparts. With their multi media holdings, especially the TVA French Sports Network the Laval Corp will be answering to them without any leverage at all now in snubbing its nose on the pro sports in Quebec. I can see Quebecor building a stadium in line with THF and TD Place to bring in even more highly profiled Sporting and Entertainment events. Lets see how loyal the Laval Corp sponsors are when they can get national recognition opposed to just within QC.

Cohon's few downfalls were his short sighted answer to the Argo's by moving into BMO. When MLSE and Rogers pulled the plug on buying the Argo's when it did not benefit their other goals. He put all his eggs in that basket and MLSE played him.
Braley a much smarter businessman likely did not go for that front and realizes that there are other area's in Toronto and other potential successful S&E ownership groups in the Toronto area, Woodbine and the racetrack and Casino.
Also before the OSEG and Calgary S&E showed a modern new model that would make a successful and profitable CFL franchise he was still promoting a Community ownership group as a possible answer for Halifax. Success of clubs like the Riders and Eskimos with this model have had this for years and have been able to place a new modern business model to make them successful. This will never work now as a new ownership model.

Cohon was and is a great promoter of the CFL and was able to promote the CFL in this manor. Behind the scenes was Mark Copeland who handled all of the strategic business strategies that allowed the CFL to become viable with an extensive background in strategic business and finance. This is what the CFL will need now going forward. Someone up to date with successful business models that will not only help the league as a whole but moving forward planting seeds in new cities like Mississauga, like most successful sports franchises have in big cities by having teams in different parts of large metro areas. As well as revitalizing QC back to pro sports beyond just the NHL. Finally, having the Atlantic region make the step from Minor league and Junior Hockey regional leagues and clubs and onto the National stage.

I have been reporting this one since fall that Cohon had lost the battle with Young, Wetenhal, and Braley- my investigation has been it has not been an friendly departure - and it came to a boiling point with the players
Agreement - Cohon wanted more for the players and was not happy been thrust into the negations at the last moment looking like he was carrying the dagger to do,the players in . Cohon was directed not to be the face
Of the CFL from that moment on - hopefully the new commish can have more control over direction of league then these 3.

I agree. As I said Cohon was great for the promotion of the CFL when times were at its worst. A PR man in the head seat was needed at the time to get TSN on board in a big way. convince sponsors and corporate sponsors to get on board. Now that is all in place his role as commish has been successfully completed.
Now it is time to take the next step with a head man that is business savy and is up to date with all of the financial models that will grow the business part to remain strong and successful.
Another poor lease agreement that will not only make the Argos a second tenant but really 3rd tenant when it comes to the National and international events that MLSE real objectives are in renovating and upgraded BMO.

I wondered about this at the time his departure was announced. The Toronto situation still unresolved, and the TV deal although a sizeable increase from the previous one, doesn't look nearly so good when one considers what Rogers paid for the NHL. I don't think the CBA would have any bearing on his tenure, the league played hardball and won.

Would not surprise me. Cohon pushed Braley on the MLSE deal...
Braley and Wetenhall need to be replaced for this league to take the next step. I know... easier said than done.

That is not a blemish on Cohon. That's on Braley and it is well documented.

Skip Prince, Wetenhall's "boy" who at one time had bought the CFL's US TV rights with Wetenhall (and did nothing with it). Wants the job :roll:

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That is not a blemish on Cohon. That's on Braley and it is well documented.
Maybe I'm too harsh on Cohon but come on, the word "documented" which means "in the press" when it comes to information we know of for sports, is hardly very trustworthy documentation, more like opinionation if that's even a word. Documentation is a whole different thing. Player statistics, attendance etc. those sorts of things are documentation but not opinions based on what Braley should do or should not do with the limited true information we as the public know with business negotiations.

I heard Cohon say on TSN radio he wanted the Argos "IN DOWNTOWN TORONTO" the day after Braley pushed out his unbelievable story about 3 potential buyers in the burbs.

Cohon did sit down with Braley after he fired most of the business staff.

Cohon did convince the rest of the league to hand off 500k to Toronto for marketing iniatives (which we still have seen zero proof of and likely never will).

The only League boss that "sells" franchises for owners is Bettman and I seem to remember Hamilton sports fans not too happy with that. Braley took the franchise away from the previous owners and has made them irrelevant in the Toronto market. In spite of the 100 GC. 500k in handouts from the league and millions from the Federal Government...
What more could Cohon have done for the Argos short of buying them himself ?

Braley took the franchise away from the previous owners and has made them irrelevant in the Toronto market
Despite everyone having a love affair with Cynamon and Sokolowski as Argo owners, even they as Torontonians failed and couldn't get done what the Argos needed, out of RC into a football specific stadium so I would say despite C&S's successes, the Argos were still basically for the most part irrelevant when they owned them. C&S couldn't make the connections with the Toronto community that was required for the Argos to get a stadium deal done, so it seems to me and that translates to me irrelevancy when it has been known to many that the RC wasn't going to work for the Argos. C&S bailed, they needed help from the rest of the league financially and that could have happened maybe if they were successful with a stadium in Toronto. But that didn't happen as we know of course.

What could have Cohon done? Fair enough, I don't know to tell you the truth.

They at least found a way to get the media "liking" the Argos. Sadly they were snookered by MLSE and a greassy mayor. Too bad the rest of the owners didn't support their ideas at the time. It will cost them a lot more if the Argos fold.

BTW the last time Jim Barker talked to the media was October 29th. the day he was fined. How can a franchise survive when the team boss is MIA for over two months straight ???

I don't think the Argos will fold but they may go into a few years of hibernation like the Renegades until a stadium deal can get worked out with a new ownership group.

No. Renegades folded. The RedBlacks are a new franchise.

To be fair, I thought that C&S opted for free or cheap rent at the Rogers Centre, instead of contributing to a stadium. At least I thought that played a role.

They weren't perfect but they were well accepted in the Toronto community and pointed out the challenges with the Toronto market and have since been proven right. In the end the CFL will have to pony up 20 million dollars towards a stadium anyway and/or end up taking back the franchise.