Cohon predicts league-wide building boom

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It's a long interview, so I won't quote it all here. Reward the star for the story by visiting the link above.

Thanks for the excellent article :thup: AND for your excellent point :thup:

Thank’s rpaege it’s a good interview :rockin:

Don't be sad sadargofan, things are looking UP for the double blue! :rockin:

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And Chris Rudge is The Man! He's showing the Argos things they've been lacking for years. Namely, marketing.

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Go Argos!

:lol: I am happier. He seems to get marketing more than any other owner and / or CEO that the ARGOS have had in many , many years. I don't agree with everything that he [Chris] says but that is why I am here and he is there. :lol:

I wish well to all CFL teams [off the field , any way]. :thup: Thanks , again.

Thanks rpaege, excellent read in The Star and interview. :thup:

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admittedly, I'm surprised that the USFL will attempt a resurrection next season...
The recent UFL was a debacle of epic proportions.

I just don't get why the keep trying so soon after a failure. I can understand that football is enormously popular here, but people have to have an emotional attachment even here, or it's just not going to work. Wait 10 years and try again. Trying every year just makes you look really unprofessional. They could take a cue from the way Cohon has handled the Ottawa expansion: do it right are not at all.

It's obvious from the interview there will be zero expansion in the next few years beyond Ottawa... 9 teams will be it for this decade it seems.

Just look at ROGERS and trying to have BILLS in Toronto games extended. :roll: :lol:

As I mentioned in my other posts, it does get them another use of the stadium for something and that is good for Rogers, the more events they have in their building the better, of course, and for their branding. They won't be paying as much this time around though I'm sure.

Pretty much until a stadium is built for an international event.

I always love an interview with Cohon! He is obviously enthusiastic about the game and its growth potential, but tempers his passionate side with realism and takes a great approach at everything. From the way he handled the CBA talks with great professionalism (shout out to the players' side as well) to the way he is not rushing Ottawa back, he has been great for thee CFL!

I agree with Rpaege, they dont need to try another upstart the day after the previous one fails! The people will need time to forget the previous debacle!

He's the first guy in 20 plus years who's been able to keep the owners/directors working together towards common goals. That is his biggest accomplishment. He has a great touch for such a young executive.

Minor quibble, but I wish Cohon could take the time to learn how to pronounce names on Draft Day. He’s inclined to mangle them which shows a sloppy attention to detail IMO. I understand if he’s not too comfortable in front of the camera, but it’s not that hard really. Spell the name phonetically on the telepromter and have some PA tell him right before he stands in front of the camera.

There weren’t too many challenging names this year but still, Cleong Laing became “Cleo Laing,” and Justin Capiciotti (pronounced Cap-eech-i-otti) came out as “Cap-i-coat-i.” :roll:

Did you mean Cleyon Laing?

Yes, sorry, Cleyon Laing.

See, we all make mistakes. :lol:

Cohon has been a great commissioner, and I echo the sentiments of HfxTC in saying that his greatest accomplishment so far has been his ability to keep all the owners on the same side. Unlike some sports commissioners -- I think mostly of David Stern and Bud Selig -- he's more concerned with the health of the game than his own personal legacy.

Haha - true. But if I mis-type a post, it’s only read by a handful of schlubs on a message board. He’s communicating to tens of thousands on live TV (not to mention dozens of draft hopefuls) and is the face of the league. If this was an isolated incident, I wouldn’t think much of it. But I’ve noticed it before. No biggie in the grand scheme of things, but something he should work on. I’m pretty sure Goodell doesn’t butcher names on draft day.

He's the son of Clubber Lang