Cohon Possible Candidate for CEO of Pan Am Games

According to an article by Dave Perkins in the Toronto Star today, the name of CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon is surfacing as a candidate for the post of Chief Executive Officer of the 2015 Pan Am Games.

The Chairman of the Board will be named within the next week, the 12 member board will be in place by the end of Dec/09, and the CEO will probably be selected by the end of Jan/10.

Also interesting to read that a fellow named Bill Senn, a Hamilton native who played an important role in the construction of the Air Canada Centre in Toronto and the American Airlines Arena in Miami, is being mentioned as a candidate to plan the building of the facilities for the Pan Am Games.

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Interesting if he gets the position, he'll probably try and get the stadium moved from Hamilton to Toronto to get the Argos their own digs. :wink:

Or maybe he can get the stadium built in the 403/407/Go Station area, then both teams could share it!!

jaybird, could never work, apparently a lot of TiCat fans never leave the confines of Hamilton city proper, well, according to what I've read here anyways. I doubt some would even know what the 403 is let alone the 407. :wink:

Bill Senn is now senior vice-president construction and design for the New York Sports & Convention Center and a senior vice-president of the New York Jets. He has been overseeing the construction of the New Meadowlands Stadium which is scheduled to open in April, 2010 and will be the new home of the Jets and the Giants. Nice to see this Hamilton lad doing so well.

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Senn has had lead supervisory experience in the construction of a stadium:
-to be used 365 days a year;
-hosting two home NFL teams;
-built on a brownfield site;
-built as a "sustainable stadium";
-with a new rail transit line built nearby;
-with substantial parking area around much of the stadium.

The involvement of Bill Senn, even on a part-time basis, would be a major coup for the 2015 Pan Am Corporation as he is clearly capable of delivering a Pan Am Stadium built near the West Harbour or at another site.

You know, you two may have been saying this in jest, but given the potential scandals brewing down at Hamilton City Council right now and the recent revelation that everything is already going to go way over budget with this stadium etc, it wouldn't surprise me in the least to see Hamilton get shut out of the Games venue locations. I get the distinct feeling the Games committee wasn't overly impressed with Hamilton. In fact, I'm sure they thought it strange that they were not given a tour of the North end on the ground...........but rather by helicopter. Why was that? They could have seen basically the same thing from Google Earth.

David Braley warned Hamilton that the stadium was not etched in stone and it's not uncommon for the venues to change after the bid is won......

I just spent the day in Oakville with my girlfriend shopping at all the malls and to be honest with you, from Burlington onwards to Toronto, the reek of "big time money" is overpowering and getting stronger by the's like another world down the QEW a bit. One just has to look at the new Mercedes dealership being built alongside the QEW down there to get a clue what kind of money is there........that place is like a glass palace for cripes sakes. I've never seen anything like it.

The Oakville Mall for instance makes anything Hamilton has look old and tired. And from Oakville onwards, it only gets better. Don't think people like Cohon, Braley and yes, even Mr. Young don't know this. Every new venue from here on in will be built with "the way of the future" in mind as far as strategically placing the venues where they can make money, lots of it, and be viable and vibrant......I think people had best forget about Hamilton's harbourfront, Rheem property or anything similar if we are to have a chance at that's time to face facts. It's going to go right beside major highways for the best exposure for big time sponsors so their name and brand can be seen continuously by thousands of people per hour 24/7/365......not by one person walking his dog in the North end at midnight or a drunk staggering home from the Picton Tavern.

Interesting deerhunter, I'm no expert but you could be dead on with this. Consider the new $200 mill NASCAR track for Ft Erie being proposed. I thought this was interesting from the article:

Mohammad is co-ordinating the effort to build the Canadian Motor Speedway, a sprawling complex that would cover 820 acres and include a NASCAR-grade racing oval, a road racing course, and seating for as many as 100,000 spectators.
The speedway would be built beside the QEW at the Bowen Road interchange.

You want to get more people to a venue, you build it right with highway access, makes sense to me.

Re: mikey: "I get the distinct feeling the Games committee wasn't overly impressed with Hamilton".

Yeah, mikey, you also got the distinct feeling Ham. was never going to get the games and that Peru deserved it more.

Can't understand all the civic self loathing and negativity over this.
Anywhere is better than Ham.
any site suggested is wrong.

People moan and groan about how bad things are but when an opportunity or even a suggested idea to make the city better they want to shoot it down and move it out of Ham. Pathetic.
Irony is they're probably the same people that whine about Ham.'s image yet seem determined to reinforce it.

Zontar typed on her/his keyboard:

"Ham. was never going to get the games and that Peru deserved it more."

In case you aren't aware, Hamilton didn't have a bid for the Pan Am Games. If I recall correctly, Toronto did.

As Braley pointed out, Hamilton hasn't even been awarded a games venue yet. That may or may not come in the future.

Toronto is the host city were just a city wanting to host a venue or 2

Zontar with another typical attempt at discrediting Deerhunter's post ....Failed attempt again .

I swear a Charity boxing match with fans from against each other would sell some tickets for some great causes ..If we all put the same emotion and heart into a charity as we do to this website , tons of good could result from it ....( i want onkight for main ) ...

We could raise some good money for the charity choice of the tigercats .....and buy some season tickets for people that would enjoy them and not want more then a good Day out at the IWS to support out Tigercat's ...

If you want the post where mikey has another one of his "gut feelings" that Ham./Tor. wasnt going the win the bid and sympathized with Peru its there.

Are the same people that complain and denigrate Ham. and shoot down any signs of positivity the same people that complain as loudly about the Cats but refuse to actually attend games ? Irony or coincidence?

Look, let's face facts, I'm sure the Pan-Am people would prefer that all the venues are located in Toronto for no other reason than that gives the Games a bigger image if you will of the Games themselves. That's not putting down Hamilton or any other city in the area, just what I'd think the Games people would want. Of course the Games committee wouldn't be impressed with Hamilton, it's not big Toronto, that just goes without saying. Again, not a put down, personally I much prefer living in Hamilton with what we have rather than a big city like Toronto with all the traffic etc. and yet we are very close to be able to go to Toronto when we need to or want to.

But make no mistake, it doesn't take a genious to know Toronto IS more impressive to organizers than a Hamilton. Hamilton will have to fight and show da money if the city is to get any venues for these Games. Yes, the city has set aside some millions but if it doesn't all get stamped and added to by business pronto, my guess is if Toronto does come up with more money, they will get the venues.

Nobody said or expects Ham. to be in the forefront of the games as a whole but there's an opportunity for Ham. to carve a niche for itself through the money and infrastructure. Sadly some people have trouble with even that.

Here's the logic:
Bash Ham.
Things wont get better without opportunities.
Bash opportunities because the city is so "bad".
Then keep bashing the city because things are still "bad".

You figure it out.

Bashing doesn't matter if the money is there, money talks and opportunities arise with money. This is a big test for Hamilton as the city continues to get bashed by the NHL that doesn't want anything to do with this city. For folks who don't care about the Pan-Ams, TiCats and just care about the NHL in Hamilton, well, if I were you I'd start caring about the Pan-Ams and the TiCats, Grey Cup because it is through this kind of spending and exposure that it will make your precious NHL dream come alive, showing that Hamilton can play the game so to speak. If Hamilton fails this test with the Pan-Ams and stadium for the TiCats, the city will not only become the butt end of more jokes but will also allow the NHL and other businesses to say the city isn't worth getting in bed with.

You're preaching to the choir here.
My criticisms are for those who bash the city and bash any chances of positivity before the thing ever has a chance to get off the ground.
Kinda like some TC "fans".

Yes, true enough Zontar. The only thing I'll say is while I'm generally a supporter of a harbourfront stadium, generally speaking, if this isn't possible for whatever reason or reasons then I'd rather have it in Aldershot/Burlington than in the north of Toronto somewhere, that's all. There has to be a financially feasible pretty darn good stadium in Hamilton for it to work or else let's look elsewhere close by.

At any rate, I wonder how much the Pan-Am venues and locations are tied in possibly with Mark Cohon getting the Pan-Am position. Hmmm :?

The Rest of the World outside hamilon is so Scarry :lol: