Cohon owned by Bob McCown

Very interesting interview, never heard Cohon squirm like this when McCown asked him about offering the players 900k of 26 million extra dollars in TV money.

Also mentions that the Argos are losing 5 million a year

That they are trying to convince MLSE to buy the Argos... so they want to keep the TV money to cut the Argos losses.

Nothing Cohon said was convincing to me.

There's a shocker.

As always a intelligent contribution from you :smiley:

Here is Scott's Flory's response

Asked for financials for months, got them a week ago after mediator told the teams they should do it.

League asked the union to book two days for negotiations , PA reserved their hotels and flights to satisfy that. League came in , lawyer read a statement, threw it on the table and they walked out without saying a word ! 5 minutes later the open letter was released and Cohon was doing his media blitz...

Not to hard to figure out what's going on

Obviously the owners are not negotiating in good faith.

I agree. The owners scrapped two FULL days of negotiations. Players stayed in place for the full two days . That's not even bad faith, they are not negotiating and have moved to union busting. I think any player that listens to both those interviews would become even more resolved to support their leadership.

Excellent presentation by Flory. Makes it clear that their current proposal is open to negotiation but they can't force that to happen.
Makes it clear he wants a structure to the salary grid and revenue tie in is most appropriate but the percentage and perhaps timing of it is negotiable.
I heard a willingness to hash it out.
I did not hear that willingness from Cohon.

Gawd this seems like a deal that could so easily be worked through.

"Well, clearly the owners are the ones bringing in the ratings and thus deserve 96.5% of the new TV revenue! I mean, what have the players ever done to make people watch the CFL? They should be happy if the owners let them play for $2/hour and a chance for a burger flipping job between games!"

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I listened to the Bob McCown interview with Cohon. Yes, he flustered Cohon, but it was pretty clear, and even Bob said he knew he wasn't going to get clear answers. Cohon enforced his point on how much the teams have invested in stadiums other improvements, he felt they should get their share back. Cohon clearly didn't want to give the leagues whole current and future arguement away to some radio host who has an ego the size of Toronto. Sorry, close to 10% of raise sounds good to me since none of these new revenues have kicked in yet. Asking for 50% raise off the bat, lessens my support for the players. Let see how the next 5 years go with the new revenues that start in the upcoming season, then go for more. Too much, too soon.

McCown, is also the guy that did a full 360 turn on this thoughts about the CFL, ever since his pals, C/S sold the Argos, he has done nothing but bad mouth the league and the commissioner, this from a guy who has tried to buy his why into owner a CFL team. He got his shorts in knot, after not been asked to sit on the 100th Grey Cup committee. All he talks about is the job he did setting up the Grey cup under C/S ownership and how that Grey Cup was so much better then the 100th Grey Cup under Braily

He talked about them actually and how they had requested the league consider revenue sharing to deal with the unique situation in Toronto. So he's clearly in favour of revenue sharing. I think he was fair conducting the interviews.

I thought he was very fair to both Cohon and Flory having listened to both interviews.

Well good on Rogers Sportsnet to give the CFL some time on this or anything. :wink: :thup:

This tactic has been used a lot, and has been pretty effective. It is the shock and awe...problem is that it has been done so much that it doesn't sell its point just pisses people off, and rightfully so. The CFL could have done the exact same thing...walked into the room, at say 8am, slapped down the offer, said this is the best offer we have, review it, and we will meet after would have had a similar effect without the complete jackassery around it. The media blitz was uncalled for, and has likely solidified the the PA and if anything, reduced their willingness to negotiate down. Cohon is a great commissioner in his general business savy and what he has done to build the league up, but it is clear he either has a massive shortcoming in this area or has really bad advisers.

Cohon is a puppet.... After the way Lysko and Weight were fired out of the door by Braley. Do you really think Cohon has any power? This is all Dave Braley.... Only Braley would be cheap enough to offer the American players a 0 % raise... The 9 % doesn't even cover the devaluation of the CANADIAN Dollar....

I'm sure Braley is heavily involved but I have the feeling Cohon isn't exactly the toughest individual in the world and comes across to me a bit mousey and a bit of a doormat to be honest. This is a business negotiation and not a place for nice laid back sorts that are doormats. Cohon could probably learn a lesson or two from Bettman (can't believe I'm saying that! :o )

Revenue sharing would go a long way in solving this league's ills. It's a shame it has not happened.

As for the Argos losing $5M, Cohon is stuck between a rock and a hard place. He wants the players to think the league is a whisker away from the abiss (in Southern Ontario) but he wants MLSE to buy the Argos. That path is not an easy one.

As for the sale of the Argos... it sounds like Braley got greedy and MLSE lost interest. That was my fear from day one.

I agree with all of that. The more Cohon talks the more the league is exposed.

Why would Braley ask for $20M for a team that loses $5/yr? For such a smart successful man, he sure can be stupid.

The only way MLSE buys the Argos is if they think they have a chance at the Bills. If that falls thru, MLSE will be gone like the morning mist.

Yep I think the same! For the betterment of the cfl and Argos it would be good for David Braley to step away from the league at this time. There is no question in my mind that the person most at fault with the labour dispute is David Braley. Deal that was offered to the cfl players sounded all to David Braley with such a low ball offer. And the deal to sell the team to ml$e feels as if Braley was looking to sell for such a high price that ml$e felt that it just isn't worth it especially with how little interest has been with the Argos in the city of toronto since Braley has took over the team and treating it as a minor league football team with his cheapskate ways.