Cohon on discipline

Mark Cohon was interviewed in this weeks Macleans.

This is the part I found most interesting (from page 2):

Q: What about discipline? When you tried to come down hard on A. J. Gass of the Edmonton Eskimos this season for a helmet-throwing incident, the league’s one-game suspension got overturned in arbitration. It later turned out the arbitrator was an Eskimos season-ticket-holder. This has been portrayed as not being your finest hour.

A: I don’t think it’s about my finest hour. The issue is that I’ve inherited a disciplinary system that is broken. The way the process works is that it’s based primarily on past precedent. So if a helmet was thrown in 1970 and there was a fine of $100, that factors into something that happens in 2007. And that’s wrong. I also believe the players’ association needs to take a leadership role in helping define what’s acceptable in our league and what’s not. In the off-season we talked about sitting down and talking about that, and I’m going to continue to push them. You know, I think that actually that was my finest hour, because I was standing up for the league.

Thanks for the heads-up. I may hit the store and pick this issue up.

There are many of us that don't agree with it been his finest hour. However, the Jiminez fiasco, makes the AJ Gass helmut throwing look like peanuts. Both were given 1 game suspensions. I say not the finest year!!