I just heard Mark Cohon on Sportsnet/Fan 590 with CFL backer Bob McCown and his co-host the NFL pro Steven Brunt.
In his most poignant and best interview I have heard since his tenure, Mark said the NFL if it ever contimplated coming to Toronto, it would be diasterous for our league and basically adversely affect both Toronto and Hamilton. Thereafter it would be a house of cards and the league as we know it would be no longer.
When McCown asked what could be done, Mark said all of his efforts as commish would be involved to protect the great league and its 100+ year history.
First he would and has already a call into Commish Goodall's office and hopes to have a meeting with him. To tell him how his league would not be wanted in Canada. But, Cohon indicated how Goodall did previously tell him how the NFL would not do anything to hurt the CFL. Anyway, If this did not work, the trump card still held would be similar legislation as previously done in 1974 by the then Liberal government against the World Football League.
The commish went on to state how no doubt the mega millions of Canadians and fans would no doubt have a backlash into companies such as Rogers for any potential move.
What I have been saying personally all along, it may be time to "play ball" by government legislation and the threat of boycott to any and all companies affiliated with the potential owners.
After the interview, McCown echoed his belief how this position of the commish basically makes it impossible for any NFL expansion.
I also believe this will work, if needed, and I do feel way better after hearing for the first time on the record that our commish means business.
Long live the CFL and stay out NFL.

Well maybe CFL fans need to boycott Rogers.

Let's not forget. Rogers is a CFL sponsor.

And if all else fails.......


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No to Rogers. I went back on the Bills website and they definetly know about the Tornonto thing now and I reposted my post there in a new thread that they will definetly see. They are none too happy about it either. its on under Toronto game.

I just emailed Rogers.

I will be boycotting all Rogers products if you attemt to bring a NFL team to Canada. This is Canada not the USA.

This is the groundswell that needs to be started by us and hopefully it will have a snowball effect.
For Mr. Rogers to see how he has alot more to lose then the up side.

I say we all boycott Rogers cable and go back to a simpler time...when the family would gather around the radio after supper and play board games :slight_smile:

Facebook Group:

In the Buffalo forum their turning on the Canadians already and some guy posted the following.

We do'nt need Canadians to succeed here in U.S.A.Keep them in Canada where they belong .I do'nt even want to see them @ games here at the Ralph.Need Canadians, go to the Galleria Mall!!!Scheduling any games in Toronto or any where else in Canada is a Big,Big Mistake!

Airborne 11B20

Good for the Bills fans who in a roundabout way can by our allies.
Having said that, I would not want to be the Canadians going to future Bills game and advertise same.

I hope the Canadians going to Bills games in the future are told they are not welcome. Then they can become CFL fans!

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen! The A-Typical,average american sportsfan,beer swilling,chain smoking,conservative voting,holier then thou attitude we all know and love!

And people ask me why I speak so poorly about my country sometimes!!! :roll:

I just dont want the CFL to suffer the Bills fans would be our Allies. The region couldnt support 3 teams. Another guy from Toronto said he didnt want Toronto to get a team because the experience would never be the same. He said he had season tickets and tailgating wouldnt be the same. See thats the part I dont get I go to football/ hockey games for the game I must be missing something.

I do feel for Bill fans. They are more likely to lose their team which would kill that city. I wouldn't be surprised if they started supporting the CFL out of anger towards the NFL which would only help grow the CFL south of the border. Question I have is if Americans started coming to canada & start watching CFL games, Wearing CFL Jerseys etc., where would that leave "American Wannabees".

I just watched the sportsnet show too. Iam glad Cohons the Commish I think hes perfect to fight our fight.

Bet Braley told Cohon to say it. Cohon is his boy. Braley fired Wright because he wouldn't do what he was told. Wright was a great commish. Braley picked Cohon. The rich run the league.

Agree about no NFL in Toronto. Would hurt CFL. Maybe kill CFL.

The NFL will come to Canada if there is a demand and judging by the interest and ratings in Canada especially Southern Ontario, Canadians really want it. We know that an NFL team will sell-out Rogers Centre, the Argos will never sell-out the Rogers Centre.

It doesn't bother me, if you think that all of us CFL fans will stop watching CFL football because Toronto has an NFL Team I think you should think again.
I can just imagine the Riders, Bombers, Esks fans saying "oh I'm not going to a CFL game anymore - our team in Toronto is gone"

If we love football the CFL will survive -
Bring on the NFL.

I think Cohon is saying what should be said, similar to Quebec fighting for the French language instituting laws to protect the language in that province. You have to be pro-active or else you could lose it and even though pro-activeness doesn't guarantee anything, at least if you lose you lose going down with a fight and saying we tried our best.

I do agree with Brunt in some respects though that it could be very, very difficult as Toronto seems a logical market for the Bills if the demand is there. The Bills now are worth some $600+ million, if someone in Toronto buys them that goes up by at least $100-$200 mill since the Toronto/Southern Ontario market is huge compared with Buffalo and tickets would be more expensive etc. It does makes sense financially, as Brunt says, to look at the Toronto market seriously, also since it is so close to Buffalo now, practically the same area.

Cohon though does need to play hardball big-time with this if he doesn't want the NFL here, legislation whatever it takes. Since money Rogers and Tanenbaum style speaks volumes. Either of them have the means to buy every CFL team with out of change pocket money practically. Not that this would ever happen of course but money does equal a certain amount of power.

Here's an interesting article in the Buffalo News:

"Here’s the cold, hard fact of the matter: The Bills can’t survive long term on Buffalo alone.

The economics, both locally and NFLwide, are weighted against the franchise. Once the team becomes part of Ralph Wilson’s estate the highest bidder will prevail. Unless someone with Buffalo ties is willing to pay an astronomical premium to keep the team here — try $300 million over local market value, its roundabout worth in cities such as Los Angeles and San Antonio — the likelihood of the Bills remaining in Buffalo is little more than nil.

But what if the Bills extend their regional reach? What if the team leaps international boundaries and plays to the huge corporate base that is Toronto? Maybe luxury boxes become in greater demand. Surely new marketing opportunities abound. The more revenue the franchise generates, the lesser the financial disparity between the Bills and the large-market teams. The premium required to keep the team here diminishes. The chances of the Bills remaining in Buffalo improve.

News that the franchise might play a preseason game in Toronto next year and a regular-season game there on an annual basis shouldn’t be construed as Buffalo’s worst fears come to life. Instead, it’s the city’s best hope put into action, the extension of the ongoing plan to leverage the franchise’s geographic situation. It’s an attempt to fortify the team’s finances by targeting untapped sources. And, like it or not, it’s all we’ve got.

Remember, Commissioner Roger Goodell grabbed a seat squarely on the fence when discussing the future of the franchise during his appearance at the Monday night game. Keeping the Bills in Buffalo is our priority and nobody else’s.

So this all makes sense. The NFL’s globalization plan calls for teams to play outside the country twice within 16 years. Nothing is gained from the Bills appearing in say, Frankfurt and Madrid. Toronto is a land of opportunity. The Bills are right to angle for a presence just over the border, proactive in requesting international games that could grow the team’s Canadian fan base, particularly at the corporate level.

It’s not as alarming as it may seem. The risks are no greater than the risks already at hand. Yes, the franchise might ultimately shift to Toronto or anywhere else.

Yes, parceling out games, particularly regular-season games, threatens to infuriate and alienate the core market of Western New York. But if Buffalo is adamant about retaining its franchise then denial gets us nowhere. The financial chasm must be reduced, some way, somehow, in a place where exorbitant public payrolls bloat tax rates and repel businesses, thereby thinning the life blood of an NFL franchise. Reaching out to Toronto is good for Bills business, and what’s good for business is good for Buffalo in its efforts to keep the Bills.

Where the franchise erred was in its failure to come clean with the fan base before the story broke in Thursday’s editions of The News. The Toronto scenario hit like a bombshell because the franchise inexplicably found it unnecessary to inform the public that talks were in progress. The team should have detailed the whys of its plan right from the outset and of its own volition. Releasing a brief written statement after the news had leaked and refusing to take follow-up questions only heightened the jitters of Buffalonians fearful of losing their franchise.

Nonetheless, this is a course dictated by necessity. If the Bills are to remain here they must be deemed a worthy investment. And for that to happen revenues must be enhanced. Bringing Toronto into the picture opens the door to that possibility and certainly trumps the devastating alternative."