Cohon mulls earlier season start

I have always thought of football as a fall sport so starting it in the spring (before Canada Day) make NO sense to me! I say leave it alone. Labour Day makes a great halfway point in the season.

But it doesn't matter about the past it's about looking to the future and the survival of the CFL. It's about attracting new fans to the ball park, the old guys on this site will reminisce about sitting in 20 below weather and walking 10 miles to the stadium uphill both ways but how do you get the new younger generation to the stadium. TV ratings are great but teams need the "bums in the seats" if it means moving the season forward by a month or even more it's better than the alternative of having no CFL.

Good idea. Here's why:

  • separating the opening weekend from Canada Day creates two promotional events instead of one
  • opening weekend during the school year can get kids swept up in the buzz
  • it lengthens the portion of our schedule that doesn't overlap with the southern league (tv ratings)
  • lowers the risk of extreme temperatures affecting the big game
  • may lessen the risk of talent from warmer climates ruling out playing up here
  • eliminates the "games don't matter until Labour Day" excuse for not attending

So much for Global Warming, eh?

Cohon dose what he's told by the owners. :cowboy:

The owners get to vote, it's a democracy. They could all vote to fire Cohon if they wanted to.