Cohon increases SMS by 3.75%

The article if anyone missed it...

CFL’s Salary Expenditure Cap goes up 3.75 per cent from $4.05 to $4.2 million

Some interesting news.

Does anyone know if there's been an official announcement about whether or not teams were over the cap? I know there were rumours.

With the increase in the TV revenue this year, I thought the SMS would be closer to 4.5 million...but it shows the league is going in the right direction.

I guess it's better then zero, but I too was expecting a much higher cap of a minimum $5M.
Also, the player roster even though at 46 with 42 playing, should be increased as well to let's say 50 to 46 playing the game.
And while we are at it the only good thing the XFL had was a $1M winner take all game. The Grey Cup should be the same for the winniing team so based on my theory the 50 players would each have $20,000 for the winning share. While the losers would get $500,000.

What do they get now?

a slight increase is great, it’ll eventually be at 5 M. 150 K is another star player on your roster.

I believe each winning player for the GC gets $12,000, plus winning the divisional its rounded to around $15,000 overall.
A mere pittance.

For many of them, that's more than 10% of their seasonal salary...put into perspective, it's not a pittance.

Not to mention he said the winning team should get $1 million, like the XFL, and that would work out to $20,000 for each player. How is $15,000 so much worse than $20,000?

An increase is an increase.
While we are at it there has been strong rumours recently how the league is looking to sell the Grey Cup naming rights.
They could be worth anywhere from $5M-$10M annually, so here is the extra cabbage. To increase the cap and the GC amounts.

…not a great deal more money for each team to work with…and really only means something IF you have the money at your disposal in any event…still puts a lid on teams that do have the money to throw around and spend recklessly…and i guess in the end that was the idea of the SMS to begin with… :expressionless:

Over the longer term, the CFL has to be able to compete with the base NFL salary. Otherwise, attracting and retaining top players will continue to be a challenge. Based on a 60 player roster (53 plus reserves), that would be $15 million, or $250,000 per player, give or take. :cowboy:

Don't forget the old Loonie is very strong right now against the green back. Many of the Amerks will be very happy with the same salary as last season.