Cohon Fixed it All- Except Toronto (Simmons, The Sun)

[u]Cohon Fixed it All- Except Toronto[/u]

[b]- His seven years as commissioner are about to end but the Rubik’s Cube that is Toronto football remains on Mark Cohon’s desk, still unsolved, barely moved.
It is the one giant blemish on Cohon’s otherwise impressive and somewhat fortunate resume as commissioner of the Canadian Football League.

Where interest is lower than attendance. With an owner like David Braley who would rather not be owner. Where the Argonauts play in the wrong stadium. Where a quarterback can go down before a must-win game and it doesn’t penetrate local sports radio.
Where to begin with solving Argo football, the one failure of the Cohon regime.

“There’s definitely a story to re-write in Toronto and that’s what we’ve been trying to do,? said Cohon in a lengthy interview.
“You can start to re-write the story if they move to BMO Field. What I’d like to see — and we’ve seen it work in every market and we’ve seen it work 45 minutes down the road, everything changes when you have the right stadium. The biggest unanswered question remains, where will be the Argos be playing?

“There are ongoing conversations about that. We’re still try to work out a relationship with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment and BMO Field. We hope to come to some kind of resolution. We’re still talking and when that happens, I like to remain optimistic that something can be done.?

This is how sad the state of Toronto football is: The salvation of the Argos is find a way to piggy-back on MLSE and move into BMO Field, which would give them just about the worst stadium in the CFL. They have one of the best stadiums now — only it’s cavernous and empty and without feel of any kind. There is no football experience at Argo games now, just memories of better days and better times.

Cohon believes the stadium can be the elixir to solve the problem, as much as it can be solved.
What he misses — what everyone seems to miss — is that Toronto isn’t Hamilton or Ottawa or Montreal. It’s a dilemma all its own. It’s deep-rooted and multi-layered.
And it’s hollow.[/b]

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Yeah pretty much sums it up here.

Sadly, by the sounds of the article it looks like no progress has been made towards a stadium solution. But Braley did mention earlier, no negotiating will be taking place until the off season. So if the Argos lose tonight (or the Ti-Cats win) does that mean you're picking up the phone on Monday David B?

Toronto is hollow? Does Simmons means Toronto is hollow irrespective of the Argos or talking about anything, just a hollow city? I don't know, that would seem a bit of a slap in the face to the city of Toronto as a whole. Even I don't think the city of Toronto is all together hollow, I've met some nice people from that city including my sister whom I love very much BTW. Weird :?

Anyways I do think Cohon and Braley missed the boat with the Argos trying to make the RC work. After the 100th there should have been a ground breaking announcement of a new stadium or BMO at the least but I suppose at that time the Bills possibly moving to Toronto was still a bit of a possibility which I think would have basically been all she wrote for the Argos.

And let's face it, even the "huge" NFL couldn't make a go of it with the Bills series which had people believing from Ted Roger's and Ralph Wilson's mouths that it was going to be sold-out at high prices and be "huge". Not. Two intelligent men who didn't put 2 and 2 together on that one. RIP to both though.

As I say, something is up, exactly what who knows.

Sounds like Steve has given up on the Arhols as well. I see his point about sponging off of MLSE and BMO.

This will never work until they are the main tenant of their own house, if it works at all. BMO is a band aid.

Double Blue boondoggle lol

i wont comment on the hollow par but im sure your sister is very lovely lady.

How much do you think this season is the fallout over the Bills?

Here's another article from the Toronto Star this time ......pretty good one actually.

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yes, great piece by Bruce Arthur.
this part of the article stood out among the rest…

[b]MLSE won’t buy the team, not anymore; [/b]

Agree very good article on the Argos plight and current situation,nothing that I really didn't know about in the first place,but then what do I really know ? Afterall I'm just another fan of another team :wink: I recommend that everybody should scroll down and read the comment section in the link,very telling indeed.

BMO would be the worst stadium in the CFL? Have another Simmons. It costs 75mil to bid and the renos will cost 120mil. It will be better than MTL Calagary and for the time being Sask. Could be on par with Edmonton Hamilton and Ottawa.

Ottawa and Vancouver share their stadium with an MLS/ NASL team. As does Edmonton at times. Hamilton is on the verge of securing an NASL team. It can be done and it can work. At least for 10 years untill revenues get back on par with other teams. A decade down the road they can re evaluate and look for their own stadium. Right now they need to get out of Rogers Centre and into BMO ASAP and evaluate from there.

MLSE may not buy the Argos but Bell by itself is a strong candidate. I’ve heard rumors they are looking at taking a stronghold in Quebec as well. Looking at potential ownership of an MLB team in MTL to compete with the Rogers dominated jays and a CFL team in QC to add to the TV revenue.

Indeed it is one thing that Cohon as Commish could not get completed. As well as his push for that 10 franchise in the Atlantic Region.
Through his time as commish and other connections he does have some big corporate relationships.
I would be curious to see if he broker some deals between political and corporate in cities like Halifax and Mississauga with progressive new Mayor's.

I guess with likely the last home game of the season and with all of the uncertainty lingering on, all the doom articles are coming out today.

Unless Braley is really going to throw the keys on the table, why is the next 4-5 months so crucial for the BMO lease when they still have 3 years left on their one at RC?

Bell may be looking to add a QC CFL team?

may I ask if these rumors come from a reputable source/link king10? (no need to out the source......unless you insist of course :smiley: )

bobo8224 wrote: I recommend that everybody should scroll down and read the comment section in the link,very telling indeed.
True enough bobo. One word that comes to my mind from many of the commenters, although not said directly, is pure jealousy through and through. Many people in Toronto are jealous of other cities, especially Hamilton down the road, that has built a gridiron stadium Toronto could only dream of and Buffalo will be building, well already has, a gridiron football stadium Toronto could only dream of. And of course jealousy that Toronto didn't land the Bills. Some of the commenters don't want a gridiron "minor league" team (I'm sure some of those posters are "big" MLS fans :D ) and they won't be getting a "major" league NFL team. Too funny some of them are. Pure "major" leaguers all the way. 8)

Now of course some people wouldn't have the IQ to know how to appreciate what the Grey Cup trophy and championship is and I feel for those people, pure empathy all the way. :wink:

And the Rogers part of MLSE of course doesn't want the Argos for obvious reasons.

But I think we should all say a prayer for TFC fans and hope that their pristine grass field never gets ripped up with tough football, I would feel very sad for them if that happened. :lol:

The failure is Toronto's. Not Cohon's.

I've seen the EXACT same thing play out in Montreal during the 80's. A football team that played second fiddle to a city baseball crazy in the summer and hockey crazy the rest of the year. Far crazier about Baseball than Toronto is. Media that kept promoting the imminent arrival of the NFL. and the constant bashing of the CFL. I guess there is one small differnece in that Toronto at least has a good onfield product instead of Gerry Dattilio (our punter) at quarterback.

IMO there is no solution but to fold the team until an owner with a credible plan for a venue shows up.

Yes Hf, I would say that is much more accurate really. They had local owners in C & S and while not all that well heeled, the locals there didn't seem to want to work with them that much for a new stadium. Sad reflection on Toronto.

primary tenants. Argos would be once again be a secondary. and really, by the sounds of the MLS fans an unwanted guest. sure the few Argos fans will enjoy it

BMO is a life support machine. just keeping the Arhols breathing not thriving imo

I would say so ryan and I think MLSE is very afraid of the TFC fans that they may bolt for the doors and not renew their seasons if the Argos played out of BMO.

And this is expanded further if MLSE buys the Argos. I see where Cohon was going. "If you buy it, you see you will learn to like it. You will like us"... Except that isn't in the cards.

very possible Earl. although i think the Season Tickets are tied to Leafs/Raptor Tickets.