Cohon doing a good job, any Ottawa expansion news

Like this man, good man and good for the leaque. Good job Mr. Cohon. Need Quecbec and Ottawa to make 10 teams and grow our leaque . Halifax too far away, Moncton too small of a city, not of enough people with money to support a team and the stadium being built for 2010 is only 8 to 10,000 seats.

        Halifax could support a team but no stadium and none in the near future, concentrate on Quecbec and Ottawa more of a reality and much bigger cities and would help the east and the CFL because of the market size in both regions.

         Mr. Cohon if you read my post,CFL needs

alot better marketing. Mentioned this in an email that Fan 590 picked and you addressed on the fan and liked my suggestions and asked me if I wanted a job.

          Needs were my suggestions:     

        CFL needs much better dress up, team logos in end zones and at centre field and CFL logo on CFL home fields. 

I was very disappointed in Toronto at the Grey not to see the two teams in the Grey CUP logos NOT in the end zones. In Ottawa they were there, BC and Tor. but too small. Walters did both Grey Cups which I didnt understand, what happened in Toronto.

       Also live TV coverage of CFL has to improve. Too silent, need more crowd noise to make the game more exciting and more alive.

All games in HD!

BC stadium should do the same as Toronto did with ROGARS CENTRE, WITH BANNERS ETC, TO MAKE IT MORE exciting and fan friendly and a nicer setting.

Mr. Cohon a video game would be nice to promote the CFL with younger fans to promote the teams and players and leaque more, if there enough numbers.

TSN needs to have CFL snap type show which covers the
weekly leaque CFL games to promote the games and highlites and set the tone for the next leaque. Tsn needs to promote the CFL more then they are currently and because they are covering the all the games, playoffs and GREY CUP.

Get Govt. support from lotto`s to help built new CFL stadiums in Ottawa,Quebec, and Halifax and money also to improve and expand current stadiums if needed like Regina and Hamliton.

Its important for our game and the future of the CFL and its growth to have the Can. Govt. support our game that is truely Canadian and needs to be protected and supported and the Can. Gov. should take interest to preserve our game to insure our great game tradition continues in a healthy way and is successful which is very important to our country and many canadians where it is truely Canadian and is ours.
and belongs in our country and herti

I think when all is said and done Cohon will go down as a very important figure in this game, in a significant time period. He's doing a good job. However, I'll wait until this season to pass further judgment.

Mark Who?

Oh Yeah, anything on Jimenez yet?

Still beating that horse?


Inexcusable that its taking this long!

what exactly has cohon done already?

Lets see FYB what I can remember.

5 months to replace George Black, just weeks before the Officials go to their training school.

Ummmmm some announcement about Ottawa.

Ummmmm, lets see the rest will come to me.

Anyways, whats the difference between Mark Cohon and Elvis? At least Elvis shows up in Vancouver the odd time.

Keith Pelley pointed out that Cohon was an immaculate dresser.

So, you comic book enthusiasts, if you can't see the invisible man, is he naked? How does he make his clothes invisible? Just nagging Tuesday morning questions...... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

The Don Cherry for commissioner crowd crows again.

I hear Chief Tenia wants a team in Lynx River.

I understand that he'll be announcing the picks at the drafft tomorrow as well.

There you go.

I heard Cohon was just a character actor hired by David Braley to play commissioner, but he's not around too much because he's busier than expected playing bit parts in CBC dramas that are being shot for airing during the next NHL lockout.

I do find that he bears a certain resemblance to Bob Saget. You don’t suppose…

"Coming soon to CBC - A riveting new drama set on the mean streets of Brandon....". Mark Cohon makes a brief appearance as a rough and tumble squeegee boy. Alas, the part has no spoken lines.

doncha wish they could all be gems :stuck_out_tongue: