Cohon allows Tillman to work in the CFL

This should make Tillman fans happy. I think its a slap in the face to women and Rider fans but I'm mostly wrong about such things. :roll:

Now it all makes sense. Tillman is going to Toronto and is probably behind Adrian's wishes to go with Milanovich....but I'm mostly wrong about such things :roll:

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gee marty, I missed the part where it said tillman is going to toronto

I think Cohon's right. The courts gave him an absolutely discharge, so how could Cohon take action against him?

There have been many, many suspensions ins sports that didn't involve a court conviction. But I agree with Cohon that Tillman's reputation is punishment. He was one of two favourites for the AD job at OldMiss and he will never, ever get that job now.

The way I see it if Kelly is allowed to work in the CFL might as well let Tillman in too.

Yes, but those suspensions are usually for breaking team/league rules, and the Roughriders already took action against Tillman by letting him step down.

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Every time I type Tillman you crawl in to the thread like athlete's foot in an old sneaker.

Now there's an imagine I could've done without... :?

LOL ! You got to watch where you put your feet in this place !

we may disagree on stuff, but I do not consider you a foe. I try not to consider very many people that way, regardless of who considers me that.

p.s. its not about you, its just about the topic.

....especially if it ends up in ones that's a real picture to blot out.......
Will any other club employ Tilman.....will anyone take the chance....optics are poor at this time....however the need for sound management might over-rule how one looks... :roll: ..anyones guess...

FYI - the charges against Kelly were dropped (

I'm a little curious... if the courts dropped the charges, then why does he have to complete the anger-management class? Is this some sort of probation?

conditional discharge.... kind of what Tillman should have got... :slight_smile:

Eh... there's a difference between the two. In Tillman's case, he's genuinely sorry for what he did, and I honestly think he'll never do anything like that again because he has shown remorse. In Kelly's case, I think we can all agree that he has anger issues. Whether or not he beat his ex-girlfriend, and if so, to what extent, I don't know... but I can definitely see him flying off the handle again, and I definitely think he could learn from taking an anger management class.

the charges will be dropped AFTER he has completed one month anger management. So they are not really dropped yet. Its conditional

According to Scott Taylor (who spoke to Kelly), it's a 1 day course. He has a month to complete it.

It's a 1 day course? Why give him a month then? :lol: I assumed it was a week, maybe two. They probably couldn't given him a week. I mean, it's not like he's terribly busy... he's unemployed. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hear he was a "wheel man"

The Bombers will come out with an announcement soon about the arrival of ET in the Peg. Wouldn't that be nice Papa? You get Tillman we get Tamon and there's peace in the middle east. Ack!

Good read by Dave Naylor. Well, I guess the old theory that without the Glieberman's the off season in the CFL would just be dull and boring goes out the window, eh? :smiley:

And Dave didn't even mention the stadium issue going on in Hamilton, Ottawa but then that's for another day. :wink:

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