Cohon 6th on Globe & Mail power list

The Globe and Mail placed Mark Cohon 6th on their Power list for 2009.
He was ranked 18th in 2008.

Some nice recognition for the commish.

2009 Power List

Here's hoping he's got the power to get some CFL on Sunday. Most of the time in the summer it's my one day off! Even if people are surfing past it between big league games it has to be done for the credibility. And for fans like me. Can-West Global might be looking for some inexpensive content right now.

Interesting list but too much credit given to Tanenbaum and MLSE. MLSE with Rogers Communication can't bring an NFL franchise to Canada because NFL guidelines prevent corporations from owning their teams. Sure being chairman at MLSE is being important because of how many pies they are elbow deep in but perhaps not #3 worthy.