Cogeco coverage question re preseason game tomorrow

Regarding the announced Cogeco coverage of the game tomorrow evening (the 12th), I understand that there will be local coverage around the Golden Horseshoe. However, I was wondering if there is a way to catch the game via Bell ExpressVu outside of the local television radius for folks elsewhere in the country. I'd appreciate a head's up if there is a ExpressVu channel number I can check out tomorrow night.

In lieu of that, I will catch the game on Y108 online.

Oski Wee Wee,

I hope you get to see it Oski, l also hope I get it in North Bay. We got it last year. :smiley: :?

No Expressview Won't Carry it
Cogeco covers the Game on Local Cable Access Stations only 23 In Burlington 14 In Hamilton.
I know it also Coved Else where Cogeco has Cable Feeds
But I don't Know any of the local Cable access Stations as we closer to the Falls.

If live that way Please post the info here please.

Cogeco is local Cable Provider
The Compete with Expressview
You best is the 900 CHML and the Internet.


Y108 it is then. :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

Time for another "webcast" ? the Riders/Ticats game broadcast via to the province of Saskatchewan in 2004 off the Cogeco feed?....

eh bob?......nudge, nudge :lol: pressure of course..... :wink:

(sob sob) no game for me i live in Mississauga, and as far as i know the cable 14 feed doesn't come out here. That's ok, i'll be at the season opener and the july 3rd game.

I thought "Hurricane Hazel" could arrange anything!..........just

I love that woman!....she's a terror! :lol:

She has been in office since before i was born, and will be until she dies. You just can't imagine Mississauga without here.

If anyone on this forum in the golden horseshoe area has a TV tuner on their computer then they could hook both oskie oui oui and myself with a digital copy. :slight_smile:

add me into that digital copy. also could Bob not just stream it live over the internet?

Just a suggestion , but, how about hooking up with a buddy on MSN or Yahoo messenger that could point his/her webcam at the Cogeco channel?......I know it's almost an out-dated solution but as long as it works....what the hey?

(works best if both parties have high-speed cable access) may still be a bit choppy and slow though

Youre the techy mike,...rig something up for us outta towners. Ive lived here for fiteen years and I dont think cogeco is ever comin here to compton, grrrrr.