Cogeco Cable 14

I was not able to watch the game on TV that night as I was out of the area, but was able to tape it.

I watched most of it last night and I must say that I was very impressed with the quality of the broadcast by Cogeco Cable 14. :thup:

I especially liked the beginning with all the shots of all the "small towns" and then the shot of the big town (Toronto). Was very well done.

Two thumbs up to all that were involved. :thup: :thup:

The intro video was a Tigercat production, and Cable 14 is funded by Mountain Cable + Source Cable, not just Cogeco :stuck_out_tongue:

me too.
i've taped all their games over the years and they are always very capably and competently done. i always enjoy them.
in fact, they do as good a broadcast as the national networks with far less resources. add in that it's a hamilton production with hamilton's needs in mind, only serves to make it even better.
thanks for the excellent job.

Cogeco's camera work is right up there with the best of the networks........I was extremely impressed the other night!

Their side-line interviews were very good also......See Bowden's "goatee" ?........he looks right at home in Steeltown....sort of that "thug" look going on.......hahahaha :lol:

Just Kidding did good!

(AKA "Schecky" in these forums) :wink:

will the game in toronto be done like this again or no/>

I'm envious that Ticat fans got to see the game on the Telly, we only had the radio here in Edmonton for the Cowtown game.

(Blitz21) will the game in toronto be done like this again or no/>
A very good question. Can anyone supply the answer?

Since only Shaw cable and Rogers cable are available in Toronto I am very confident that the game will not be brodcast in any size, shape or form.