cogeco broadcast.

I just had to say that it was really difficult to watch the entire game of that broadcast. The coverage was terrible, the play by play was pathetic and the between play segments were pretty over the top. I think ch did a better job showing CIS games. The guy who interviewed coach taffe seem to be really slow.....i guess it doesn't take much to get a job at cable 14!

atleast u got to watch it.

Especially when they are Volunteers....
I guess you could have bought a ticket to watch live..

Maybe your 2nd post can be positive.

LOL… another 1st post negative… has it been a full moon ALL WEEK??

I was very pleased with the performance on the firld though...which really counts. lol

You can certainly expect them to not be as good as those on stations like CBC and TSN, and it is worth noting it is the preseason for them as well. But at least we did get to see the game, and that is better than no television coverage at all.

BYF to the rescue.. I already posted that I was pretty pleased with the coverage.. it wasn't stellar but it was definitely adequate

I though Cable 14 did a decent job without a lot of commercials. I enjoyed Neil Lumsden's commentary and given that Cable 14 doesn't do a lot of football casts, they were admirable.

Lets not forget that much of what we saw tonight was due to a great extent, to the work of many volunteers.

Got it up here in North Bay, what a treat, thankyou Cogeco, looked great up here. :rockin:

I have kinda mixed feelings. It felt awkward hearing Neil Lumsden refering to his son by his last name while calling one of his carries. I thought Neil Lumsden would wander off alot and lose his train of thought. Like for instance he brought up the question of what it meant to the fans after Myers missed a field goal,of his performance up to that point, eventually ending 3 for 5 on the night. Instead of saying that it just showed tendency toward inconsistency by Myers as well as raw potential, as shown in his ability to connect from beyond 40 with room to spare. Instead, Lumsden for some reason having a moment of temporary confusion, goes off some spiel about how the team will be more competetive this year which I agree with in itself, but he did lose track of what he was talking about and I thought it sounded alittle bush at that point. So I turned down the volume and swithed on AM 900 for the rest of the game. Other than that minor snafu, I thought their interviews were well done and better than sitting through another beer commercial.

I wish the repeat broadcast at midnight would have been full screen instead of 1/2 screen. But overall, I thought Cogeco did a good job.

I was thrilled with being able to watch since I couldn't make it to the game. Apart from a few times where the camera was away from the play (intervies and scenery) I think they did a great job. I loved the announcers. They were killing me. Steve Foxcroft is a wee bit annoying, but overall it was a good job. I loved when they threw the flag and there was no infraction on the play and they said "It must have been Dunnigan" and one of them (I think it was Lumsden) said "even if it wasn't it will be when I retell it".

Good interviews with Timmy Chang and Caretaker at half time .
I was working so glad I could watch 2nd half on Cogeco ...good commentary ,not bad at all.... :cowboy:

Everyone is entitled to their opinion; however did you know that Cogeco / Cable 14 crew members are 99% VOLOUNTEERS / CO-OP Students? In other words they do not get paid. Granted the quality of the broadcast is not “CBC? or “TSN? but this gives the Volunteers the chance to better / gain experiences that they might not get while covering a local high school game. This was a PRE-Season game what harm did it have? I personally think they did a good job! It’s kind of hard to compare camera work from a Volunteer who got a slice or two of pizza and a bottle of water and a big thank you for helping out. And a Pro camera operation who makes about $30 / hour… What do YOU think. Do you agree / disagree with me ?

PS I was not part of the crew tonight but I have been a Volunteer with Cogeco for fifteen years now. my camera work is not as good as a pro but it’s pretty close.. You also need to compare that they do that for a living and I usually put in 5-10 hours a week. That again makes a big difference.

I for one appreciated the Cogeco broadcast. It was entertaining and appreciated. Who cares if the camera was off the play a few times?

Its sort of like when you are at the game and your eyes wander off the field for a second. Then your attention goes back to the play and you catch the tail end of it.

What do you mean by "between play segments
were over the top"?
And the guy interviewing Taaffe had to do it while
walking, which is not the ideal situation.

1 man shares his opinion and everyone is all over him.
(However, it could have been more tactful)
Yep, the Ticat fans are back on the prowl.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :cowboy:

To those of you who are slamming Cogeco and cable 14 for what you obviously considered to be inept telecasting, keep in mind that both of these outlets might say, "the hell to it; we don't need all of this criticism, so we'll stop these telecasts of preseason games right now."

I hope this doesn't happen, because its really nice to have the benefit of preseason telecasts, even if they are done amateurishly.

I congratulate and thank the people involved for bringing us preseason CFL football.

Great to see the game, thanks to Cogeco and thanks to the volunteers :thup:

Now if Cogeco could somehow have managed to get their broadcast on Bell ExpressVu I would have been extremely happy.

Be glad you got to see it at all. Those of us that do not live in a Cogeco area were not so fortunate.