Coffee At THF!!!

Couldn't go to the game today my family went to the game with my seasons . My sister is a diehard Coffee drinker she texts me went to get coffee for her and Grandpa no cream or milk for coffee waited she said like 15 min said forget it walked all the way down to other end on east side they had cream but no coffee?! :lol: what a fiasco my sister said people were going ballistic as you couldn't even get a descent cup of coffee! no problem to get a $9.00 beer :roll: :thdn: something has to be done about the HAlF ASS concessions at THF :thdn:

It's tim hortons what did anyone expect.... :lol:

they also need more staff. someone to take your order and then someone to get your order. ordered a hot dog and a sprite and she had to go to one end to get the hot dog and then other end to get the bottle of sprite. but its the 1st game for the hot dogs and coffee hopefully they’ll get it right next game

Hiccups are in order with the stadium still a work in progress, I'm sure it'll get ironed out shortly.

lay off the caffeine jeeze. if ppl are freaking out that much over coffee they need to check into rehab

That didn't happen at the skydome...hahahahaha

So after waiting 45 minutes to get to order the girl behind the counter decided she was not going to sell coffee anymore. Oh and she said she was going to walk out because it was so unorganized. Brutal, I hope someone from the Cats reads this because that is completely unacceptable. Staff more and get organized

Anybody enjoy the game? Or mostly just focused on the concessions ...

ummm thi :stuck_out_tongue: s thread about coffee not football

instead of "hoping somebody reads this" how about doing what Bob Young has always told us and give them a call at 905-547-CATS (2287) to voice your concerns and see that they get rectified.

Voicing concerns on here will just get lost in the shuffle, and theres not much 99% of the posters here can do about it anyways.

Thanks Tips :roll:

anytime! let me know what they say

No coffee, no peanuts. Room temperature soft drinks. All pre-kickoff.

Methinks this game caught the super caterer company by surprise…cuz they sure weren't ready for it.

Line-ups were way too long as well. My brother went up at the start of the half and came back down with 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.

I too am sure it will change for the better…but the service now 4 games in, still sucks.

Just to let you know all beer and concessions are outsourced and not controlled by C. A. T's at all that's just Merch and parking and customer service.

yes but im sure the cats as the ones who foot the bill for the companies services will be concerned if they're paying for a sub par service. Im sure if they are notified about the issues they will contact the private company running concessions to rectify the issue ASAP or else they'd pay another company to get it right

Logical but not really how it works unfortunately, and yes I know it's not how it's works first hand and more so not in these forums. People want to complain you'd have to usually do it on site at the time to the supervisor at the stand and they will deal with it their and then.

The company running the concessions has been a complete joke for the last four games, tonight was the worst service so far and it seems it has gotten worse every game.

Almost missing a quarter of the game standing in line is 100% unacceptable.

The beer line never ran out of beer. Try that instead of coffee.

I'm assuming when the THF kitchens are fully up and running, fans will be able to eat more than just hot dogs and pizza? Not much variety right now, food-wise.

It would also help the lineups for food if servers sold it in the stands, like the beer guys. Didn't even see someone selling popcorn in the stands tonight.

I actually think they have done a decent job under the circumstances. Let's also remember that this was the first game with 20,000 people.

Have to agree, concessions in general are somewhat of a flop so far. We waited in line for 20 min or so to get a sausage while 4 or 5 of the servers were playing around with a coffed machine to get it working properly. Can’t 1 or 2 do this?
The sausages were being kept warm…somewhere and came to us wrapped up like they came out of a infrared heater.
At IW they were cooked in front of you on grills, dogswere the same. did we do better here?? Don’t think so. I don’t mind paying the high price for food but I do like to get quality for my money. I realize it is still early and occupance permits have restrictions, but lets get it right for next year, both from the coffee standpoint as well as food prep.