Coe released by Calgary

Unless he's hurt, Coe would be a great addition to the Riders. This guys a warrior and Canadian to boot.


I wouldn't mind seeing a starter linebacker, then maybe we could get an american safety who doesn't get beat deep in the fourth quarter when in matters. Coe has proven he can start and is only 28.

Probably a cap casualty more than ability-based.

Lots of things with Coe. Salary cap, great in a 3/4 defense, not so great in a 4/3 defense, plus, I also hear he is a bit of jerk, with an personality that grates on the other players nerves after a while. No one needs anyone like that.

Riders don't need him. Maurice Lloyd is an all star. TJ Stancil will be an allstar eventually and we have the best young Canadian talent in the position already with Chiernawski, Carter, McCullough and perhaps Clovis if we can figure out if he is a free-agent or not and if he returns to his more natural linebacker position which I think he should.

Coe will be an overpriced speciality team player with the riders at best, and he will then have to bump McCullough out the lineup, who is a much better "person."

There are some good quality linebackers with some impressive resumes brought up to Saskatchewan late last season who I think they take a long look at first before they sign someone who may eventually become unpopular with other players (like KD Williams was when he was in the CFL)

Starting a Canadian at middle linebacker may free up an import for safety. Possible, but Scott Gordon can play the position okay (as far as hitting goes) and coach Barrett's experiment with McCullough didn't work too well. It was a much better defense with an import there.

If we start a Canadian somewhere, where they usually started an import, I think it will be at receiver. They have good ones; Grant, Fantuz, McKoy, Getzlaf and Bagg looks like a keeper. He played well enough to make the team last year.

Coe is a Chump. He quit in the fourth quarter with a fake ass injury last year in Regina when we were kickin the .... out of Calgary. There are canadian rookies out there that have more talent that this guy and they would play for less. Don't bother stockin up on the green hair dye Coe Winnipeg is -----> THATAWAY!

All good points. Add to that the fact that he loathes everything Saskatchewan Roughrider and it's a 1 in a million type scenario.


All good points there Oxbow, but you missed one name.

Kitwana Jones.

The guy is the ultimate wild card, if the Riders ever figure out where they want to play him permanently, he's a star.

I did forget about Kitwana... I am sure he can take over Reggie's job. He certainly has the athletic ability and the speed. How is he at pass coverage? I guess that is why we have nickel and dime backs though.

Kitwana, is not a Reggie Hunt type. Kitwanna often lines up on the dline. He is not a cover guy. He is a great 2nd down linebacker who is most of the time gonna be coming down your throat. To liken him to someone would be Sean Merrimen I think (of course with much less skill and hopefully less steroids).
I might be worng on that comparison but that is what is in my mind right now.

Merriman definately knows how to get to the QB.

Who would be Reggie's replacement? Is it Anton Mckenzie? He would probably be in competition with someone new, no doubt. Maybe Marcus Rucker?

Anton Mckenzie played well enough in special teams but, I don't know if I am comfortable enough with him at Reggie's spot full time?

Seems to be a lot of mixed feeling over at the Stamps site. Coe did not have a great year nor could you say he really has had a great season for many years.

Can’t Stancil move from strong side to weak?

I imagine anything is possible. He could move over there and have Lucas take over permamently Stancil's position. I think the jury is still out as to whether Sean Lucas is the guy for the job though.

Personally I would rather leave TJ right where he is and replace Reggie with someone else.

But if the team is comfortable with Sean Lucas playing TJ's old spot, then I can live with that.

Well, as I see it, you've got Mo Lloyd, Jones, Stancil and Scott Gordon as 4 players to play in those three spots. I can't see how Gordon would be worse than Lucas in that strong-side spot. The reason you do that is that's kind of the "cover lb" position that Jackie Mitchell played, and Gordon would do better there and Stancil on the boundary side than the other way around.

I see you your point, but I still think I would like the 'riders to explore someone who is “tailor made” for Hunt’s old position.

I am interested in Anton McKenzie though. I think the Danny Barrett viewed him as heir apparent for Hunt’s position if that became necessary. He should know the system by now.

Anton McKenzie, Maurice Lloyd, TJ Stancil as the linebackers and Sean Lucas being the nickel back, if we go with the old.

I would somehow like to see the 'riders try and fit Lucas in as the safety, if that could be done, but I think the only way to do that is to start 2 Canadian receivers instead of 1. Maybe 5 Canadian O’linemen, but that is not going to happen now that we have Glen January and unless Eric Tillman wants to be burned at the stake and this time, even by me.

But I am also curious about Marcus Rucker.

Kitwana Jones is a second and short kind of linebacker and he gave Fred Perry a much needed bit of breather once in a while, and he was okay last year in special teams, but not the terror he was the year before. As some have pointed out (not I personally) that Kitwana is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, so I wonder about his leadership if he became a starter. But he does bring spark into the play when he is on the field.

No way Gordon can be converted to line backer, he doesn't have the skill set or ability. He gets run over to easily.

In terms of January getting cut, I don't think anyone would be the least bit upset. Most people who have questioned the trade aren't expecting much from the back-ups. So letting them go won't be much of a surprise.

The one I worry about is stancil...he appears to be getting injury prone.

I talked to TJ a little while ago and he said he will be moving to weak side. I think he will be able to produce at Will backer.

Right on.

Who was it said Gordon can't play LB? That's what he was, before moving to safety, wasn't it?