Cody's Contract Question

Wow..I felt like Ken Peters there with the alliteration...not a good feeling. point...does anyone know how long Cody is signed for?

I don't know but he's moved his family here to live year round, so he sure seems to want to be here.

I talked to him briefly on Sunday and asked him that question. He didn't say for how long but he did say, " for a long time".

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They should be in stores soon. Does any one know when they will be.

Cody is by far the most exciting DB we`ve had here in ages . You have to love the way the man plays football .

Is he eligible for rookie of the year ? I hope he makes it through the first round of voting for rookie or best defensive player because he deserves it . Im sure it will be tough, due to our record, but if they have seen him play they should take it into consideration of where we may be without him !!!

No he's not eligible, he was here last year, and in the NFL for 3 years before that.

i agree probably the best player we have on the field. i remember watching him at fsu. he was all over the field then too. hope hes here for a long time.

I love watching Cody play!

Hey newworld we FINALLY agree on something, we should celebrate !!!!

He reminds me of Jerry Anderson who we called at the time " The Beast from the East " anyone remember him ?

The coach at OSU who coached the Cowboys ( sorry i cant remember his name ) said in his book that he was his favourite player that he ever coached . He died young as he drowned trying to save someone .

I think Tay has been our best defensive player this year.

No wonder my son wants his #4 jersey.

Totally impressed with Cody. With all his intensity, I don't think he took more than one penalty this year. He deserves to be part of the off-season marketing plans.

I hope the team signs him long term, and builds the defence around him next year.

Eh, I don't really know if you can build a defense around a defensive halfback... I do think that we could build this sucker around Ray Mariuz though, this guy plays with so much intensity that even if he does lack a little in talent it's not very apparent, it frustrates me that he doesn't play consistantly. He and Cody will be the two gamebreakers on D next year, I have no doubt.

C'mon Pseudo. Mariuz brings everything he has. Great special teams player. Maybe a starter at LB, but a cornerstone for a defense? Not even close. He doesn't play "consistently" because he "doesn't play consistently like a starter." Dude has to elevate his game if he wants to be out there every down.