Cody's Back! Holmes To Start?

is there a reason why corey is starting?! n im glad to see our heavy hitter back with tay cody returning to the line up! should make for an interesting game

also cotton n cheatwood r playing both same side so im guessing they will be rotating through? strange, so anthony gets the start on the other side.. thats differnt

Cotton has been invisible all season... its time to give Holmes some reps...

Both Cotton and Cheatwood are hurting. Cotton's hand and Cheat has a hamstring problem. I think the plan is to rotate the two of them. Collier (IMHO) has looked good when he's played.

I am a little surprised Hill is not on the roster (unless there is some news about him I have missed).

hurt. Didn't practice all week.

Ranek goes at running back ,from CH this afternoon. :thup:

the depth charts syays differntly

Yes,no doubt ,and it was only a CH report,so no biggie,they'll both play no doubt.

if u watch the press confrence on the site lancaster says it will be holmes so unless somthing changed from yesterday.

Should try pounding it with Holmes give him 20 touches for once...

Go Ticats and im not just saying that because Argos are neck and neck with the bombers right now.

finally some common sense has been restored in hamilton, you've got holmes a legit 100 yard rushing/1000 yard receiving/special teams dynamo and you dont give him the rock? holmes needs to be on the field for every offensive play.