Anyone know what is wrong with Cody?

Someone, somewhere mentioned a hip injury. I do not recall any details.

Hopefully someone will that attends practice today can give us a Cody report.

I dont think this is good news....But I think we have lost CODY for a while....Unless I'm reading this injury report wrong, the Ticats have added CODY to their Injured Reserve List!!! Ouch, C'mon ticats, how bad is this injury?

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That's the 4-man reserve list, not the injured list.
That usually means a short-term, day-to-day injury.

No, this means that Cody was moved to the 4-player reserve squad for the last game. Meaning it was likely a one-game injury and he will be playing saturday.

we could use him...

I'm sure Cahoon wouldn't mind him not being there though...

bust 'em up Tay!