Cody Pickett

It has been taken care of.

Well if he makes the team (highly unlikely in my opinion), and actually gets into a game (again, highly unlikely in my opinion), I wonder if Rod Black is calling the game and Pickett calls his own number and runs with the ball, will Black refer to "Pickett's Charge"? (sorry, Civil War buff here)

.....nooooooooo ..are we going to be stuck with Rod again...... :lol: I guess we'll definitely know who Picketts father autobiography of great length...and i sure hope they've smoothed out that field in the rogers centre.. :wink: :roll: :lol:

We all kind of agree that McPherson as the heir apparent isnt going anywhere. But what about Chris Leak? He not only has to bide his time behind Calvillo but will probably have to do the same behind McPherson. Barring injuries hell be like 40 before he gets into a game.
Is he trade material now that Pickett is here? Would Tor. or Winn. be interested in him?

While the Als are in great shape right now at QB, depth can dissapear in an instant. Our starter is 37 with his young wife one year into remission from an agressive cancer and Mcpherson has 2 years on his deal, then we have Chris Leak (The kid...) and now the Als get an opportunity to pickup a very good QB who spent 3 years learning our game and our league. Four QB's is just enough iMO.

Well I don't argue that four QBs is just enough.

But I do take issue with your opinion of Cody Pickett as a "very good QB". He may have spent 3 years here, but I saw precious little evidence that he's "learning our game."

I see Pickett as being a shade below mediocre. If he was, as you believe, very good, Jim Barker wouldn't have released him in Toronto.

So we'll have to agree to disagree.

Hey Mike Kelly didn't think Printers was any good, he chose Bishop...

I would say Pickett is a better QB than Barker is a coach. I would also suggest that Trestman has a much, much better QB evaluator than Barker. IMO Barker emptied the stables in the hope that McPherson's agent is going to become a distraction to the Als.

A lot of good QB's have not been successful in the CFL and Picket may endup being one of those but at this point he's only played for Andrus and his stats are much better than Joseph. We could do much worse than Picket as our #4 QB... I remember White as #2.

True; but Mike Kelly is not what I would call a good evaluator of QBing talent. He also thought Stefan Lefors was ready to be a starter in the CFL, and he also believed his offensive package would work in the 21st century. Wrong on all counts.

Again, we'll have to agree to disagree. Barker was a very good offensive coordinator when he was in Montreal, and I firmly believe he knows QB talent far better than Mr Kelly.

No argument there !

Maybe, maybe not. It is strange, and I do believe, unprecedented for a team to release its entire QB stable before acquiring new ones. I have a suspicion that maybe he has something in the works to acquire either Tate or Nealy from Calgary. We'll see how it all plays out. . .

Agreed. But in Pickett's case has he been a good QB who just hasn't been successful in this particular league, or is he just not a particuarly good QB? I lean toward the latter. You think otherwise, that's fine, I respect your opinion even if I do not necessarily concur with it.

Not true; he also played under Stubler~Matthews (and it was Matthews who benched Joseph and gave Pickett a shot).

Yes we could do worse. We could also do better I expect.

Don't we all. . . and don't we all equally prefer to forget !!

(that said, yes I'd take Cody Pickett in a heartbeat over ol' Ted; wonder whatever became of him?)

Pickett's stats, measurments and age are pretty much identical to Quinton Porter...

. . . who lost his starting position to Kevin Glenn because he wasn't getting the job done.

But Jack, Pickett won't be the starter. He won't be the no. 2. Maybe, if he busts his tail, he'll be the no. 3. So we basically picked up a CFL-ready QB in his late '20s who might be the equivalent of Hamilton's projected QB of the future, except that our guy is way down on the depth chart. What's the problem again? :wink:

As for Barker, he was a great O.C. for us ... eight years ago. Game done changed since then, and his last stint as a coach wasn't exactly a resounding success (yes I know he had ownership issues in Calgary with the Feteriks, but still).

Frankly, I think releasing all his QBs without having anyone proven in the fold is a lunatic move. You're telling me neither Pickett nor Joseph was good enough to keep around in a backup capacity for a rebuilding team that needs all the continuity it can get?

I'll take Trestman's judgment over Barker's any day.

Oh there's no problem, I'm just significantly less than impressed with the guy. I agree that Trestman's judgment, along with Popp and Milanovich, governs here. . . if they think there's some potential here then great. Just that so far I haven't seen it, but they know better than I.

And yes, releasing all the QBs in Toronto is a bizarre move; I don't recall such a thing ever happening before. I'd like to believe that there's a method to their madness, but in Toronto, you just never know. . .

Do you actually believe the nonsense that comes out of your mouth? Or do you just enjoy spouting drivel for kicks?

Adrian McPherson is still under contract to the Alouettes for two years. If you can explain to me how signing Cody Pickett somehow guarantees that McPherson is leaving the team, I'm all ears. I mean, you know, considering that we traded Santos last season and we thus need a fourth QB at training camp

What a nice sentiment. I express myself and this bozo takes it upon himself to abuse...this is a BLOG mf, not smack-down wrestling.
AD IS under contract for another 2 years....yes. But an unhappy player, who feels he's being mistreated is a nuisance at best, and an extremely divisive influence at worst. The Als may feel it's better to go get what they can for McPherson rather than risk "bad vibes" in the dressing room. Therefore the acquisition of Cody Pickett is a possible, very probable sign that that's the way they're leaning. If you had two synapses to rub together, you'd see that.
This thread is about Cody Picket....Not Macpherson
Well thx for the helpful. It is actually a thread about Cody Pickett being traded to the Alouettes. The effect it might have on the team, and the players on that team would seem to be precisely on-topic...
There has to be some medication for this !
Not entirely sure what you have....but pictures would definitely NOT be appreciated.

To sum up, the bully-pulpit of mis-informed know-it-nones can stick it anywhere they want....but it keeps landing right in their mouths

Actually its a forum not a blog

Only one here abusing anyone is you!

The next time you use those initials, or start with the insults,
you are gone!


Don't be too hard on him RO, he's a conspiracy theorist, he's kind of amusing. We haven't has a wack job in the Als forum in a long time.

Hey usually Senior's post are amusing in a "is this guy for real" kind of way, but these latest really aren't funny. Let's look at the facts, firstly the guy only starts posting after the Cup win, and the majority of his posts are critical of the using of a HOF QB biound QB who has just won back to back MOP awards.

I strongly suspect that this guy isn't an Als fan, and furthermore I kinda suspect that this guy is a regular poster from another teams forum who has the same "lets look in the thesaurus and see how many big words I can plug into this post" writing style.

Dissenting opinions here are OK, I enjoy them..... there are some people who disagree just for the sake of being controversial and even thats OK too, but this guy is here to pi.. people off and frankly I think we all have better things to do than read his drivel.

The first posts I remember from him were the ones where he was pushing a theory that the video feeds on the TSN website were purposely damaged so that people would have to go and subscribe to TSN.

I must admit, I am on the FENCE in regards to PICKETT signing with Montreal...he always put up good exhibition game stats.

Let's just wait and see what Picket can do with a new set of receivers. I don't wan't to be too quick too judge him with what T.O. offered him for his offence the last 2-3 seasons.

I can't argue that. . . I'm at a loss to think of a QB who could have succeeded on that train wreck of a team.

While it certainly wasn't all his fault (see lack of a receiving corps, lack of a decent offensive coordinator). . . some of it I think was. . . I saw nothing in him in terms of foot speed, arm strength, or defence-reading that would lead me to believe that he has any particular potential. Like I said I'll be really surprised if he pushes Leak for #3, but we'll see. . .