Cody Pickett

I admit I left the game before Pickett entered the game. I see his stats were good in cleanup time....does Matthews take a chance & start the youngster on the road in Calgary next week, or bring him in sooner if KJ struggles?

I would rather see McNeal play. At least he would have a chance of running for his life around our crappy O-line! While Joseph is not playing well, he is hurried on every pass. I left with 6 minutes also, but watched the rest on film. Pickett did OK, I would agree to bring him in if KJ throws another 3 picks, cause that was BRUTAL!

I hate to bring up Bishop, but this is why we had him, so we would have a great backup. Damn, it's too bad all the crazy fans, media, and Bish himself couldn't wait. Thanks for ruining my team everyone!

We are happy to have Bishop. Thanks for Austin. And for Miller. The Argos have been good to the Riders.