Cody Pickett vs Henry Burris

Hard to beleive Cody Pickett started games in the NFL, whil Hank Burris couldn't even make fourth string down there.
Because when you compare the two, Pickett has nothing on Burris.
Makes you think more and more that if you're not well known, to make it down there you need to have someobdy in you corner.
Because its obvious to me Pickett did, while Burris and Dickenson didn't.
The more you see of these former NFLers playing in the CFL, the more you wonder how good that league really is?

You know I thought Cody Pickett did not a bad job of finding his receivers last night. It is unfair to really compare the two after one game in the CFL. Even Mathews stated after the game he was not disappointed in his performance. Really the culprit is that offensive line. They really were bad last night. It is unfortunate when a guy plays his first game as a qb us compared to seasoned vets. If you wish to make a comparison I would recommend you look at Hanks first game in the CFL vs Picketts you probably would not have seen much difference really. I thinkh he has a great arm, good view of the field and was calm under pressure. Now if you wish to make a comparison Akli Smith vs Picket in the CFL who wins there? I would have to say in my opinion it would be Picket just because how he handled himself in the game.