Cody Pickett to Start Friday

Not sure if I agree with Pickett starting Friday....
Seems like deja vu - 2008.

Andrus seems to be doing it all wrong, but then we knew that would happen. I feel sorry for Kerry and Sask. imagine if he had stayed? 3-peat Grey Cup? We'll never know. I'm glad there's parity in this League these days. Except in T?O

Bart will be out of the CFL by spring

Kerry Joseph wasn't the problem with the offense. It was a combination of:

  1. The Als STRONG D
  2. The poor play of the O-line
  3. Andrus' crappy offensive scheme's
  4. receivers aquired just recently, haven't learned the system

It's gunna be the same or worse with Pickett starting this week. Good luck.

Well, maybe 50% your four points and 50% Joseph. Pickett gets rid of the ball much quicker than Joseph so I think he can have some success if the Argos can establish a running game.

Joseph had one good year and he ran for almost 1000 yards and has done nothing since. I just don't understand why people think he was a good QB. Al's coach is doing ok without CFL expirence.

HE also has a TONE of CFL guys in every other coaching aspect...B.A..not so much!

He is also, if I may say so without insulting Argo fans, a better offensive mind than Andrus. This is evidenced not just by CFL numbers but by the level of success he had in the NFL compared to Andrus.

The problem with Toronto going out and doing what Montreal and Calgary did last year is that it's not just about grabbing an ex-NFL coach and assuming he will be a magic bullet for whatever ails your team.

Trestman succeeded despite being a rookie CFL coach because:

[ol]- He inherited a better team than Andrus (8-10 instead of 4-14) with a stronger receiving corps.

  • His assistants had CFL coaching experience. The titular offensive coordinator, Scott Milanovich, had been the quarterbacks coach the year before, so he had CFL experience as well as familiarity with the Alouettes quarterbacks.
  • He didn't try to make his star players over in his image. Andrus turning Joseph into a pocket passer has about as much chance of being successful as Calvillo has of becoming a scrambler. Trestman devised a short-passing game specifically tailored to Calvillo's strengths as a QB: quick read, accurate short passes that demand heat instead of touch. He went with a running back whose running style complemented the offense (Cobourne, instead of Payton). In short, Trestman adapted his offensive philosophy to suit his personnel, not the other way around (as Andrus is trying to do).
  • He didn't ask his GM to trade his best receiver to a division rival just to prove a point. Quite the opposite, in fact. Popp signed Jamel Richardson, who proved to be the game-breaker that upgraded our receiving corps from 'solid' to 'very good.'
  • His GM (Jim Popp) has consistently done a good job of recruiting quality import talent and developing quality non-import talent in-house, whereas Rita and Mohns have been abysmal in both areas.[/ol]

To sum up, the idea of getting an ex-NFL coach isn't necessarily bad, provided your management realizes that many other things have to fall into place in order for that coach to experience success with your team.

disciplineandpunish has some great points. Montreal has always had great recievers and I still can't get over the fact that we gave away Arland Bruce....didn't wait for a trade...something.....We gave Arland away on the say so of a coach that hasn't even proven himself yet. And to a rival...

And what a player he'd been since he got here. vs. Edmonton 9 catches for 78 yards, vs. SSK he made a NICE 49 yard TD grab. Thanks again Andrus, we owe ya one :wink:

You said it all right there Boxergirl

Pickett really surprised me. I've seen him play before, but last Friday he showed that he's a starter. :cowboy:

Really? After one game playing against a porous BC defense in which the kicker accounted for most of the points, you think he's a starter?

I liked what Pickett showed against the Lions, but one game is far too small a sample of his potential to be a starter in this league.

You make a good point. Time will tell. I'm just a little desparate for the Argos to play some good football... :cowboy:

Time will tell if CP is the real deal. He will mature or self destruct... KJ has chosen to self destruct.

Cody Pickett is doing well IMO, he has arguably the worst receiving core in the CFL playing for him. No Bruce, Talbot, I mean he has no one to throw to.

He used Lucas a lot and then first game with a good receiver in PK SAM he connects with him like crazy. If you give him receiving threats I think he can connect with them. He is smart, you can see that, he doesent throw bad INT's.

He is mobile enough to run a bit and goes through his reads very nicely..

GIve this guy receivers like Stamps, Kamau, Mann or Simon and Jackson--

THere is just no depth on this receiving core-- Bradwell does not scare anyone, reggie mcneal is not great, I don't even think the Argos use another slot receiver? I mean some receivers for the Argos aren't even thrown a pass for a few games.

Pickett has shown enough considering the pathetic receivers---

Give this guy a lineup of like Talbot, Lucas, Sam and a NEW NFL CUT at receiver who is a STUD-

Cory Rodgers is not cutting it either- Almost all of Argos receivers would not even come close to making another team in the CFL--

Pickett as he matures will start to do better- He will improve while K JOSEPH is getting worse and was never a good QB- However why not use KJ in the wildcat formation in some sort of fashion? Sure he could run the ball quite a bit-

I would agree that overall, Toronto's is the weakest receivings corps in the league.

But I think it's improving. . . the addition of Lucas and the return of Sam has made it an improved receiving corps.

Still not among the league's elite, certainly, but improved.