Cody not the answer?

Interesting take from Suitor.

I like Cody but no question he regressed this year. I like to think it was growing pains with Maas but………

Not sold on Harris being an answer either

Just surprised to see Suits throw this out there

Trevor Harris = HARD NO!


But what about the comedic value?!

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I thought Cody played well last season all things considered: 1) Had to learn Maas’ offense, which he repeatedly admitted is very complex; 2) Lost his #1 deep-threat target in game 2; 3) Lost Evans’ replacement (Williams-Lambert) in game 4; 4) Had to develop chemistry with a number of 1st-year receivers – American and National; 5) Lost his other go-to receiver (Swerve) in game 11; 6) Had to develop chemistry with Duke, which thankfully was seamless.

At the end of the day Cody finished 9-4 and once again got us to the WF… Not bad at all for 2nd-year starter imo. I found little to criticize with his overall performance. I just wish he'd stay the hell off social media.

As for Suits, nothing he suggests surprises me anymore – like his last stupid suggestion that the Riders should “push the [salary] cap” this year. Like others I’m learning to ignore him.

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In the first half of that first BC game Cody looked scary good. We were all impressed by the way he moved your club. Then some 21 injured players later the wheels fell off and somehow Cody got a boat load of blame for the way things went south. IMHO there's nothing wrong with your QB that a healthy team won't cure. Get rid of the guys who can't stay upright and bring in some 'Iron Men'.


Exactly. And by "wheels fell off" we mean a team that finished second in the west and came within 4 points of going to the Grey Cup


Which was a pretty amazing feat considering the carnage (inflicted upon your roster).

Just trying to clear that up a bit. Thanks. :smiley:


Suitor should never talk about QB's he has always shown his knowledge of that part of the game is poor .

I watched a Canuck QB pull a drive like Josh Allen did with his feet by a Canadian Qb in preseason in Calgary and all he could say is the TD had too much running plays at QB to tie the score . He didn't throw enough to get the TD . Good grief who talks that way when they score and the play calling and execution was totally effective .

That is just one out of 100 comments that have infuriated me on his football knowledge .

Really a guy who played safety and a Simon Fraser grad is telling the world about Qbing .

Yet the NFL broadcast Today has real veteran Qb's analyzing the game .

The CFL needs an enema .


That could get messy. If we don't get that enema hose up the CFL's wazoo just right we might find ourselves up to our ankles in Suitor.


Offense was down league wide. Everyone except MAYBE Montreal was very frustrated at their team's lack of offensive production. There were just 2 400 yard passing games in the entire league last year. Cody's numbers were down but so were everyone else's. Even Winnipeg's offense was rather conservative but they had a strong run game.

Saskatchewan did not have a strong run game due to their very young offensive line. Cody was literally half the run game with scrambles and design draws. Cody was also his own best pass protector with his mobility.

On top of that he ran the offense well. Maas' playbook is apparently very thick and it is a read heavy west coast type of offense that takes what the defense gives. This year for some reason the defenses league wide for some reason switched from heavy man coverage to heavy zone, which takes away deep plays and gives the underneath. Cody took the underneath with great success. In week 3 alone he was 30 of 35 for 320 yards. Those are ridiculous numbers. He runs Maas' offense very well. There was really nothing wrong with the playbook. The only real complaint about the playcalling or the scheme is that they should have used Moore on deep routes instead of just exclusively feeding him screens and hooks. He's proven to run good deep routes in the past but probably because he's small they kept giving those routes to the big tall guys (who don't make plays).

Early in the year, say up to about the first Calgary game, Cody did have some difficulty with his deep ball placement. His reads were usually very good but it was just his placement (unlike Bo Levi who had the majority of his INTs come from forced throws or bad reads). In the second half of the season his deep ball was much better yet his receivers (other than Duke) let him down. Just like the young o-line in front of him, his receiving corps was just as young, especially when his top 2 vets were lost with major injury. A guy like Lenius was quite disappointing. He's 6'5 and can leap tall buildings yet he did not bring down one single contested ball all year. Come on, man. Shaeffer-Baker did well, but he excelled after catch. He did not make a lot of 1-on-1 high point type plays. After the first Calgary game Cody called out his receivers. He absolutely should not have done that, at least not publicly. That is something that you save for the offense meetings (but psst ... he was right, DEAD right). Saskatchewan's receivers did not make nearly enough plays this year.

I don't think that Cody regressed at all. I think he is the same guy except a year like 2021 makes you a lot more wise.


That sounds about right. I saw a lot of dropped passes and when Cody took a beating behind that beat up offensive line of his I saw some anger.

Looking forward to seeing how Cody does in his 2nd year with Maas’ offense. I think our entire offense will improve with a year under their belts.
Hopefully we get the bulk of our receivers back :crossed_fingers:.


You want the receivers who were walking around on crutches or the ones who finished the year with their arms and limbs intact? Bring all those guys into camp and you'll be cited for overcrowding. As good neighbors we'll take some of the faster ones off your hands to keep your fine team our of trouble.

You're welcome. :partying_face:


Cody did not regress the team had no pass protection for more than 3/4 of the season nor anyone to throw the ball to either. And the said other QB meantioned is in no way going to improve the position currently held by Cody


That's why I like you, always willing to help those in need

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I think Cody did ok last year.

I gave all the players some slack last year.

I did not like him having a tantrum publicly though. That game his 50/50 attempts were mostly poorly thrown or overthrown. And when he actually got the ball in an area with a green receiver it was generally thrown into a double team.

Yes, there were drops as well. But for the most part his throwing was off.

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That's what good neighbors willing to poach talent are all about. :smiley: :+1:

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Good natured back and forth... Gotta luv it

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Poor online and Maas isn’t suited for Cody’s style of play would be my 2 biggest reasons for the struggles, also the pandemic year of threw everyone off for 2022. It will be interesting to watch this year, we will know this year for sure.

Sask did a good job of keeping the re-negotiation out of the news as I am sure C.F. put up a fight and basically gave up nothing. Cody might be a man of God and his word but he also has a short fuse. It could be his downfall.

I see chaos with the O and think they will miss William Powell. Morrow may be more athletic but he needs to be on the same page as Fajardo and I see growing pains there. Morrow is also a returner vs being a blocker. More growing pains.

The $80,000 Powell signed for in Ottawa would have been good insurance for the season.

That's why they pay O'Day though so we will see what he comes up with.

Mason Fine is a also a gamble at this point.