Cody Ledbetter

Read a story that says ex Tiger-Cat QB Cody Ledbetter was sentenced in the 12 years in prison for breaking probation by going to Canada.

Oski Wee Wee,


If Americans are so tough on crime and sentencing, why do I see so many real life criminals on shows like "The First 48" with rap sheets showing like 20 convictions ? I mean, how the heck do they get out of jail to do all these crimes in the first place?

Maybe he misplaced his clipboard with the probation order on it. :slight_smile:

Try reading it again. He was arrested in Canada for breaking other probation conditions.

The article I read states that Ledbetter fled to Canada in 2009 while under a court ordered probation and was arrested in Ottawa where the charges were stayed so he could be deported to the U.S. So read it again yourself.

whatever article you read was either incomplete or incorrect. The link posted by oski-oui-oui spells it out better.

LOL :rockin: