Cody Ledbetter?

Did he play for New Mexico State?
Sometimes i Google former players names and…

Yes he did.

Probably the worst QB in recent Ticat history (tied with Don MacPherson and Todd Bankhead).

Sorry Worst in History was QB Tim Rosenbaum
what a Joke ...

Kevin Eakin on line one.

How soon we forget Jason Maas!

Maas gets my vote. I don,t recall Cody fumbling away games the way Maas did.Cody was a backup but then again, so was Maas.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Apples and oranges.
Cody was never considered a starter probably not even by himself.I doubt he ever walked into Lancaster's office and demanded to start like Timmy.
He was a role player. His role was to fill in in emergenices and run the odd play.
Ledbetter didnt see 1/10th the game time Maas did or even the amount of game time Marcus 'the future' Brady did.

Cody was Rons left hand man. Absolutely and totally no threat to DMac. :lol:

About as big a threat as Marcus Brady, Khari Jones, Ben Sankey and Ryan Hawk were....despite what was posted in here.

I believe his name was: Tim Rosenbaugh. Checked it out on GOOGLE.
Speaking of QBs - maybe Ticats should be scouting Alex Brink, from WSU.
Here is his Profile:

Not likely to make the NFL, as is known for having a weak arm - though his numbers are good.

The Eagle - :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Ledbetter, Bankhead, McPherson, Rosenbaugh, just surprised no one mentioned Steve Taylor or Billy Dicken

What about Paul Garrigus? I believe he was our starting QB in 1955 and led the league in rushing after 3 games. Then the league found out he couldn't throw. They said that if he had Knobby Wirkowski's arm grafted to him, he would be a standout.
Bob Jackson

Threw far less INTS than Kevin "The Jets Future" Eakin

Timm Rosenbach (though many fused part of the forbidden chant into his last name). He was a coach at Washington State too, but apparently no longer.

As for Ledbetter, I recall a few fans having a colourful way of saying his name, but he did exactly what he was signed to do. And IIRC, he was far better than many of the others who came out of our QB-machine.

There was on QB in the mid 90s by the name of Anothy Cavillo that was terrible. Talk about fumbling games away, everytime he dropped back to pass he would drop the ball even when he wasn't hit

What about Billy Dickens? A game he started in Toronto was the most embarrassing game I ever attended.

:roll: Bad yes,but no one really expected him to do much and no one expected him to stick around once DMAC recovered.

A far cry from the likes of Brady, Freakin' and Timmy... tons of fawning praise and hype and nothing on the field.

8) If we are talking about starting QB's, then Jimmy Jones most definitely warrants a strong mention as one of the worst !!!!!!

You don't know what you're talking about. It's like you just picked a QB name at random out of a media guide.