Cody is a no-show at training camp

Training camp has barely started, and the Alouettes already have potentially been thrown their first curve.

Tay Cody, a free-agent defensive-back signed this winter from Hamilton, failed to report and has been placed on the disabled list.

Now why doesn't that surprise me?

haha! way to be a standup guy, Tay!

I really used to think he was a class act and family man but now i'm not so sure.

After everything Desjardins said about Cody in the article it just proves Desjardins was an idiot for signing him in the first place

Desjardins quote about often not being able to get hold of Cody in Hamilton...was just classic.

Oh what a difference for this team Obilovich is going to be at the helm over Desjardins

With the addition of Rashaun Kizer I don't think Tay would make the team as a starter anyway. Who is he going to beat out? Drew,Estelle,Cox,Sanchez?

Eleven other players were
placed on the disabled list:

Reggie Hunt, Dwayne Taylor; Mike Imoh; Mike Vilimek;
Diamond Ferri; Josh Bourke; Jeff Keeping; Dave Stala;
Devone Claybrooks; Chris Van Zeyl Chijioke Onyenegecha.

All these players failed to clear their medicals
because of a pre-existing injury.

The statement below is not clear to me.

Teams must be certain before clearing a player.
If he's a veteran, his contract's guaranteed until deemed healthy.

Can anybody tell me what it means?


Kick-returner Bashir Levingston has been released.

The coaches had big ideas for Tay, HfxTC

"Cody had been pencilled in
as a potential starting safety,

replacing étienne Boulay, who
remains in camp with the Jets.

But the multi-dimensional Cody, who can play safety,
cornerback, defensive back and strong-side linebacker,
would have provided Montreal with options.

These are players who had additional tests to the camp medical.

Hunt has pulled a Thigh muscle (day to day)
Ferri is cleared to play
Vilimek is four weeks away
Bourke four to six weeks
Keeping, Stalla and Claybrooks are cleared to play.

Bashir Levingston
Will Proctor
Josh Harris
Shaun Diner

Players who impressed in day one

Adrian Mcpherson
Jamel Richardson
Jermaine McElveen

But the one who made the biggest impression was Trestman. Every second planned , every second used and players love him. even Herb is impressed.

Yes Cody was penciled in at Safety (not a great fit for him) but the als have since brought in Rashaun Kizer and will look at him or Sanchez to use at safety. I like Cody but not as a safety. If Kizer can adjust I think he will be the starting safety until Boulay returns.

Not surpised Tay was always Moody

Tay Cody was a popular topic of unhappy talk after he went unsigned by Obie.

But that was before that tragic, well paid but horribly treated rec. was released who’s name escapes me at the moment.

Kwame Cavil?

Cody is overrated anyway, he was a fan favorite because he was a big hitter but lousy in pass coverage.

And I also see David Boston is setting Toronto's camp on fire. It's just a matter of time before Chuck Swirski declares that Boston will catch 200 balls for 3000 yards this year, but only if Mcmahon is throwing him the ball of course.

LOL… like a dog with a bone on this one aren’t you Zontar.

Sorry, but I still think the release of Jovan Witherspoon will come back to haunt us.

Maybe Zontar meant Charles it appears he is a no show as well.

Craig Yeast?

Nah.....he was overpaid for his production.

looks like Montreal is having a bit of trouble from the inside, hopefully this is our big break.

BTW, nice comparison Zontar.

Witherspoon's career CFL stats (Rec., Yards, Avg., TD's): 0, 0, 0, 0.

The other guy: 223, 3,184, 14.3, 16.'s completely the same thing.

Why is it that whenever a player is released, and if he comes back to make a big play against us or have a big game, that he is "haunting" us? He made a play or had a good game, that's all he did. Somebody, regardless of whether they've played here before or not, will have a good game against us. We will have other players doing the same to other teams. Nobody is haunting anybody. He will not be a factor is the team's fortunes. So let's not get dramatic about it.