Cody Fajardo: 'That was a big character game for us'

REGINA — When Cody Fajardo was heading out onto the field at Mosaic Stadium on Friday night for his first game in over 600 days, he couldn’t help but get emotional.

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I guess the Sask fans can get a little emotional but… also get a little concerned with your second half as this was a 5 and 13 team last time you played them. Maybe the Rick team can only get better?

No question they will only get better…


That was a big character game? Riders took advantage of a Lion team in disarray through first 1.5 quarters, them proceeded to have your ass handed to you by a starting QB who shouldn't have been dressed because he was obviously very hurt, and a raw rookie QB!!! If not for the very inexperienced BC place kicker, BC walks out of there with a convincing victory. Yet Cody pats himself on the back for the "character win" and I noticed celebrated like he won the Grey Cup at the final snap. ---- I agreed it was a "character game" because they showed their character.


My thoughts, too. The Riders have to be concerned, almost losing to a first time CFL QB and an older QB whose arm was like jello. Fajardo and team have to do some soul searching for team character because they almost let this sure win get away from them.

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Hanging on by your fingertips after blowing a huge lead doesn't show the kind of character you want to have, does it? Cody should be worried, not happy.


[quote="PorkyPine, Hanging on by your fingertips after blowing a huge lead doesn't show the kind of character you want to have, does it? Cody should be worried, not happy.

It seams to me Cody is carrying some extra weight and seam to breathing heavily late in the 1st quarter perhaps the breathing could be related to the "smoke from a distance fire" I'm having difficulty breathing from the smoke Manitoba, but the weight thing? No pre-season maybe. But he also looked fatigued in the 3rd & 4th quarters. Of course Cody will get in shape come September when he is re-introduced to Jefferson and Jeffcoat.


Yup. 'Fatjardo's' off-season work ethic needs work.

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You mean like young Elvis and fat Elvis

Yes big win. First game of the year with alot of new parts including 4 new offensive linemen (who looked great by the way), 3 new linebackers, 2 new d linemen, and 1 new defensive back.

All with no preseason games

BC has alot of new faces too, including 3 on d line, if riders are a contender they should have had an easier time

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funny I was think he looked out of shape too watching last night

'Fat Elvis' could be a Saturday morning cartoon. Pitch it to Netflix.

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Fat Elvis lives in Gina town, I seen him at the mall

A win is a win. We weren't bitching when that crossbar came out of nowhere and won the final for us.

Me too. I put a loonie in his tin cup.

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BC improved with their additions (better coaching and added key components to their o). If I were them I'd look at a better backup qb and kicker and they could be fighting for a playoff spot.

The Riders on the other hand lost a good chunk of their core in free agency, retirements, and opting out due to Covid. If you remember back in 2019, that one DB spot cost them some games until LJ McCray stepped in.

I think the Riders will be fine. Just alot of guys who haven't played together before which is where you saw breakdowns in their linebacker coverage depth and busted coverages in the second half.

Thankfully their defense still has alot of veteran presence so can see then sorting it out. Nobody expected mistake free football from any club one week in off a nearly two year hiatus and no preseason games

Good news is they won. Picking off early wins whether ugly or not goes along way to the pecking order in the playoffs. In a shortened season, these wins go along way

The Stamps will are the youngest and least experienced team in the league this year. I glad I now have an excuse IF the do poorly tonight

:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: the Riders won. 1-0.

Go get em cowboy

Yes, congratulations on the victory. It's going to be a strange season, at least the first few games.
Side bar, Mr Stallion-good luck tonight, but I still have to cheer for the utter guys.

why not cheer for us?