Cody at safety?? Beveridge backup? Bradley backup? WTF!!!

Ok we need to really look at our defence...i think there is something wrong with our defensive backfield.

Currently we have Anderson and Gordon as our corner backs with Jykine Bradley as a backup.

Our defensive backs are Matt Clark and Michael Roberts with backups Tiller and Karikari

Our safety is Tay Cody and backups Beveridge and Gauthier..


First of all, Tay Cody doesnt usually play safety and hes good at his usual spot, defensive back. NOt only that but as far as im concerned Sandy Beveridge when given the opportunity plays pretty good there. As for Matt Clark I think Jykine Bradley is a better player so why not use him as a starter and make some changes??

I think we should do this:

CB starters- Jykine Bradley and Lawrence Gordon
DB- Tay Cody and Dwight Anderson
SB - Sandy Beveridge, Richard Karikari as backup

As for our linebackers i would put in Armour and Moreno as definates but for the other spot I like Jamacia Jackson or Ryan Glasper.

I dont know why they have Jackson as a Defensive end. I think hes a little small for that position but we will see.

Our front four should look like this:

McKay Loecher and either Reid or Hodges as the other defensive end
DT- Wayne,Dunbrack with Bekasiak as backup

Trying to make Jackson into another Joe Montford? I agree 210lbs is a little small for that.

The secondary and linebackers are the same as last game. Good for consistency, but bad because they were, well, pretty bad last week.

Some strange moves....But what do we know.

Jackson is a DE? Since when? 210 is way too small for DE as many of the OT's would have 100+ pounds on him.

we've used a 3-man front a perhaps we're moving to essentially a 3-4, with jackson rushing the qb on some downs, and playing essentially linebacker on others...a pure tweener....i'm trying to remember an example, but i think we've seen this beforee


Jackson at DE will work. He'll have the speed that is needed. Come on honestly, you cant just go pound for pound with the opposing teams OL. You'll lose that battle everytime. I really like this move he'll have the speed to sidestep the Offensive Tackles & he'll have the ability to run down Edwards/Dorsey in tomorrow afternoons game in the back field on swing plays.

Trust me on this one. seriously. Smart move by the team. & one side note.. If Hamilton was really smart they'd consider promoting Sasha Glavic to the active roster & trying him out as Safety. He's simply too small for Linebacker which may just be the reason to why he hasn't cracked the roster full time yet. Even converting him into a DB wouldn't be such a bad idea. He weighs in at 191 & has speed. could be a decent cover guy IMO.

Not sure about our defense. There might be one or two legitimate starters on the D but not many more.

Both our CBs were burned badly today. Cody at S is a good bet. I honestly think that he doesn't have the speed that is necessary for a HB since is injury. He DOES look pretty intimidating at Safety...

Cody isn’t a safety, where was he when we got burned each and every time.

Beveridge at safety with Karikari as backup
Cody and Anderson at DB.

Shaw, Beveridge, and Karikari were terrible at Safety. All three are natural safeties. Cody is a born HB. I'm willing to cut him a bit of slack.