Cocky on the Coast?

I get a kick out of articles like this one by Ed Willes of the Vancouver Province: ... &nid=21084

Subject to this weekend's matches, does he realize that the Lions were a mere one play away from being in 2nd place this year? The last-minute touchdown in Regina is a differential of 4 points between the two teams; that is, BC was one play away from having a 12-4-1 record (25 points) and Sask a 13-4 record (26 points). Yeah , yeah, yeah, I know, but the pass was completed, the Lions won the game, they are in 1st place, the rest is sour grapes, blah, blah, blah …

But let’s just suppose that Clovis did knock that pass down or Jarius had overthrown Simon by even a foot. Surely that does not mean that the riders (being in 1st place in this scenario) should have swept the MOP nominations?? Now I know that is not directly what Mr. Willes is saying, but some (and I emphasize “some? – not “all?) in BC, and Mr. Willes implies this in spades, make it sound like the Lions are so far ahead of everyone else in the league that all should bow down in fawning adoration. How could they not sweep MOP awards??

The point is that it is a finer line than it appears between “1st place? and “2nd place? – a mere play, as a matter of fact. The Lions are a very good team and find ways to win and have a contender in every MOP category, but one ought to keep perspective. At least the BC gang remaining on this forum after rlr’s and “roommate’s? departure seem to be more level-headed.

Anyways, playoffs are a new season and it will be a good one!!

The Lions are invincible. Let them believe this. As the old saying goes,... The bigger they are the harder they fall.
Wow, a loss at home to the Riders or Stamps- wow what a silent place BC Place will be!!!!
Riders or Stamps will Rule!!!!!!!!!!


blah, blah, blah... until you beat us we're the best. Should of, could of, would of. Fact is Geroy did catch the ball and id a wonderful Geroy pose in teh endzone and the lions did win and they are the best. We can talk all we want because we have the best defense, the best special teams, the most MVPs, the best running back and we will win the grey cup. And when we do will you quit your small province, "we're just as good as the big provinces" whinning?

Yeah but what if Sask didnt pull one out at the end of the Edmonton game? Of course you dont mention that. Speculation like this is useless. It wouldnt be a travesty if the lions had won all the west awards, I would have been surprised, but not totally. They happen to have the best record, are the defending champs and have dominated the award nominees and all star team... accomplishments like this always bring out the haters. For Turkeys sake, I hope the Rider come to BC and get blown out. That would be sweet justice for all the nay saying and hating.

Everyone always guns for #1. Maybe next year it will be a different team in the throne, who knows (crystal ball fools are just that...fools). The hate amuses me as it confirms where the lions are...on top. LOLZ! :smiley:

That's what adds the drama to a season. A reasonable person understands it as such. The moron fans see it as reason to rant and rave about how great their team is, or about how much their team was ripped off. You all know which category you fall into.

Every team can point to several games throughout the season and say, "what if?" The good teams find a way to win those games. "Lucky to be good, and good to be lucky."

Ya , as already pointed out what if a ref didn't call a hold on a certain field goal?? It would only have been a refs decision whether the Riders then got first or second. At least Geroy got that on his own with out referee help . That really would have been sad , having first place being given by a refs choice.

Really BC fans who are the cocky ones. The riders have not one anything yet but their fans are walking their talk.


Alright guys. I was gonna say that I mark threads as favourites of BC fans blowing themselves out of proportion that I would pull out after the riders put your team away ... and I have been running low since RLR took his permanent leave of absence, so I was looking for some good material ... but it wouldn't be true, so I won't!

But you're all correct: BC is on top and until someone knocks them off, they can say what they want.

I'm just hoping my Riders do just that in a couple of weeks. And if they do, I won't be spouting off. Knowing it will be enough satisfaction without saying it! But don't worry, I have no illusions that there is any guarantee that it will happen though.

Y'all are good sports! Good luck (but not too much ! :lol: ) in the playoffs! :smiley:

Thanks...and good luck to the Riders as well...just not too much... :smiley:

I know Riders fans want to meet the Lions and beat them in the WF so they can say I told you so and Lions fans want to meet the Riders and beat them in the WF so they can say I told you so.

The only thing stopping that from happening is the Stamps. But if the Riders happen to make it to the WF, it will be one hell of a week between Lions and Riders fans on this forum. Looking forward to it and good luck to the Stamps and Riders.

Screw the Lions fans...I'm looking forward to seeing how many Riders fans are there!!! :slight_smile:

They'll probably claim that half the stadium will be Riders fans as they did the last couple years. Love the exaggeration factor.

I am a Esks season ticket holder (Yes I am a Lions fan first and have grown to like the double E this year) and after last weeks game the Rider nation acted like they had already won the grey cup. IMO Rider fan always look though their rose coloured glasses but then have them quickly slapped off their green and white painted faces in the play-offs. Rider fans you haven't won a cup in 18 years, err, I mean soon to be 19 years. The Lions have won how many since your last one? I think um, three! Isn't that more than your beloved Riders have EVER won? I hate to say this because it hurts me to say it but....


That made me feel better. Just think how much fun the rest of us can have if that happens.

Couple of points:

First, I remember when I lived in Vancouver and went to Riders games at the Dome, going into the stadium, I didn’t see alot of green. But if the Riders won, I saw alot more coming out. If they lost, it was about the same as going in. What I concluded is that, unlike many other parks I’ve been to when the Riders played (Calgary, Edmonton, TO, Ottawa … RIP) there is a higher proportion of closet fans in Vancouver. I don’t prefer it that way - I certainly was not one of them - but that is what I observed. If that is the case, since the Riders didn’t win in last year’ WF, I suspect many stayed in the closet even though they went to the game.

Second, So what if we haven’t won a cup in 19 years. Everyone says that “true fans” should stick with their teams through thick and thin. Then when a team’s fans do exactly that, they are labelled and ridiculed. Would you really rather that we gave up on them at the 7-year mark, the 15-year mark, whenever, and folded so the league is a 7-team league. Unlike 6 other teams in the league who did fold, go bankrupt, or get bailed out, there is no white knight who could pick up the community-owned team.

And finally, on a lighter note: Steve, methinks the reason you want Calgary to win because … you be afraid, very afraid of the Riders!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Don't get me wrong, I applaud the fact that Rider fans are VERY loyal. You (leaglebeagle) may not be one of theose obnoxious Riders fans but there's ALOT of them and it's those ones that I get great pleasure in mentioning the fact the riders haven't won a cup in 18 years.

As for the lighter note: Me not be afraid, we'll see you at the dome on the 18th. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I'm hoping we do!!

They do that every where but you have to like the fact when they show up in your stadium you get to see them cry live.

Funny that the games where SK is the visiting team in Calgary are considered "premium games" and the Stamps organization charges more for tickets than to the other regular season games if the amount of Rider fans is just our delusion.