Cocky Eskimos fans or what?!

...holy moley, their team spanks a toothless lions team who's defense had their helmets on backwards and were down to their 5th string QB and they think they'll just roll on into McMahon and right through to Regina like about's not that their team isn't good, they are, it's that these balloon of hot air assume the stamps are not, and the lack of respect for the current GC champs is overwhelming, they seem to forget we beat their team three out of four times this year and the one time they did beat us was through some last second heroics.... my old age I forgot why the rest of the CFL fan base so enjoyed seeing the majority of these bozos on the outside of the playoff lounge looking in, now I remember...'s hoping the Stamps crush the Esks yet again this year, and stun their fanbase into silence....

im young im not going to lie (20) and just this year had season tickets, and despite playing the game all my life and being a devoted stamps fan the west final last year was my first live CFL game ever. all i will say is if the energy level is the same there on saturday as it was last year, i cannot see any team winning a playoff game against us at home. im stoked for the game and plan on screaming till i lose my voice as usual LOL im going to be so happy when we send ricky and ritchie packing for another year of watching the cup from home :smiley:

So which part was cocky? The guy who said he thought the esks would go to the grey cup or the guy who said the Stamps were a good team not a great team?

Now, now... let the Stamps fans complain in their own board. We'll make fun of them in the Edmonton board. :stuck_out_tongue:

:D...seanmac, maybe you didn't notice, but this is the Stampeders board, we can trash your fans and team and not even be correct about it!!! its AWESOME.....we learned it from the rider fans...

They may win but Burris and Nicole Lewis and Co have looked anything but unbeatable. I predict an Eskimo win by a Td.

LOL the riders fans sure have perfected this your right rednwhite lol and we have looked far from unbeatable? you win two against toronto and one against a team with no qb and now your telling us our offense looks bad? if i were you id be more worried about your own receivers and your own qb i do remember the esks team that showed up in calgary only a few weeks ago

Fair enough :smiley:

LOL when differences arise between the fans of the alberta teams...all one has to do is grill the riders fans a tad bit and all conflict dissolves :stuck_out_tongue: a topic in which all fans other than riders fans can come to a harmonious agreement :lol:

All I've got to say is........."Let's get ready to RUMBLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" :rockin:

Maybe, but you'll never be as good at it. We may have taught you everything you know, but we didn't teach you everything we know. Ha Ha Ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :lol: :roll:

very true i dont think any other fans will be able to reach the level the rider fans are at...and god am i thankful for that LOL

You're jealous.

oh trust me i am FAR from jealous