Cocktail drinks

My favorite is Tom Collins. For some reason, it has dropped so low in popularity, at least here on the west coast, that all most every server and a lot of bartenders do not even know how it is made or what it is. Jaw dropping to me.

I have also noticed that the other drink I used to like, the Singapore sling also has seemed to disappear. Never see any slings on any drink menu.

Not every place has margaritas either. I never drank them anyhow.

I prefer gin and vodka based drink over rum and whiskey, and lime or cherry flavour.

The best Tom Collins I ever drank was at a place in Winnipeg at Portage and St. James called the Paddock.

I have had some people try to pawn off gin and soda water with a piece of lemon. I mean, at least put some lime juice in it.

I don't drink.

you must really be dehydrated then :slight_smile:

Real men don't drink "cocktails"

I gave up drinking but when I did my fav winter drink was a shot or 2 of Remy Martin Cognac.

In the summer I liked a lighter drink so mostly stuck with gin and ginger

And then gotta give props to my favorite beer brewery Unibroue
I dislike beer in general but this brewery makes some I like
Their belgian whit ale Blanche De Chambly is 1 of 3 that I drink in beer.

Nowadays I'll probably have like 1 drink every few months

I don't often drink, but when I do, I drink...

As I get older, my drink choices tend to be more specific to time and place:

Red wine: one glass with every dinner meal
Mass market beer: when hot or thirsty or watching live sports
Craft beer: when visiting with someone and have some time or in the colder months
Vodka/coke: my go to cocktail - will never turn one away (with lime)
Caesars: often, and when a salt/savoury craving overpowers anything sweet. Can be made with vodka, gin, tequila, or rum
Vodka paralyzer: whenever I don’t want pop in a drink and don’t feel like beer or a Caesar
Gin and tonic: once a week whether I need it or not
Gin and juice: Saturday or Sunday brunch drink
Margaritas: when travelling somewhere tropical, or in the summer months here
Mojito: alternate these with margaritas whenever somewhere warm or down south

That being said - I don’t actually drink all that much - maybe 2 oz alcohol per day during week (including wine) and max of 4 oz per day on weekends. Many doctors say an adult male will actually benefit from 2 oz alcohol per day. So essentially, this is self-medicating.

14 to 18 oz a week is a lot to me.

I can understand that. Actually thought so myself. Until I had a long chat with a neurologist who said science has proven that 1.5 to 2 oz of alcohol per day to an adult male adds value to one's life expectancy vs detracts. He suggested sake (he's Asian) but safe alternatives are the other stuff.

I usually have one glass of red wine in the evening during the week - the odd time 2. The odd beer on weekends and a couple of beer when I go to games.

The odd time when out will have a Ceasar or vodka/soda/cranberry.

Don't really like rye, rum or gin very much.

I'm a big fan of sake. It's almost the only drink out there without sugar added. I really try and stay away from sugar in everything. Very comforting drink when heated. Has a wallop.
Love a good brandy too which is basically sugar free as well. Sugar is a killer imo.

This neurologist I meet with always speaks of the benefits of sake. Particularly the lack of the all the other crap.

The weird thing about trying to give up sugar is how intolerant you become of it when you eat it after being away from it. I love ice cream and give into it periodically. I really pay for it very shortly after eating it though now. Takes the joy away from slurping it but I still crave it now and again.

A couple months back I gave up cream and sugar in my morning coffee, drinking it only black now. Wow, what an adjustment. I had thought the change in taste would be the challenge - but not at all. Quickly learned to like the new taste. Instead, it was the headaches and side effects of sugar and cream withdrawal that was most surprising.

All good now.

Ever since knee surgery and the narcotic medication to treat the pain afterwards two years ago, my taste for alcoholic beverages has changed.

For liquor I'm down to rum and vodka only or maybe some silver tequila like Patron or El Toro.

For rum I stick to amber rums from the Caribbean or Guyana or Colombia. The selection was better when I lived in Florida, but right now Plantation rum from Barbados is my favourite and it's available here in Pennsylvania.

For vodka I go with Russian Standard, but I did obtain some Vox as is made in Canada on special and it passes muster for cocktails. Beyond those I'm not breaking the bank for some Grey Goose or Stoli Elit.

Ya. It's got quite the impact all right. Tough to eat food you don't cook yourself to get away from sugar.

The biggest impact I noticed about drinking non sugared booze is the reduced hangover effect.

And from my pov 14-18 oz of booze in a week is extremely moderate.