Coby Rhinehart to the Als

Just got a press release from the Stamps listing their cuts and trades today. It included Coby Rhinehart to the Als for "future considerations."

Well, that explains Kent's cut.

Rhinehart's an all-star with a good nose for the ball. He'd fallen out of favor in Calgary, but I think he might do pretty well in the Als' scheme.

From the Als' site, too:

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Great trade. Popp knows how to swing a deal. Rhinehart is a great addition to an already dangerous secondary.



Smart trade by the Stamps. Keeps Rhinehart out of Edmonton... Als now have as strong a secondary as anyone in the league. Sanchez, Cox, Rinehart,Boulay, Estelle.

Lots of speed and strenght there...

Strong secondary? Hell, we have a dominant DEFENSE!!!!!! :thup: :lol:

Could be. Still have to wait and see how the Ends and Linebackers gel...