Ya he burnt us, ya he didnt really say anything bad, but everything that comes out of that guys mouth makes me sick. He is who he is today and has the contract he has today because of Calvillo and the Alouettes. :thdn:

Let him yap away. The Ti-Cats might have beat us fair and square, but the Alouettes still have the better runningback. :wink:

They won, he can say what he wants. I'm a bit surprised by some of the things he said after the win -- hardly classy to say that you're a better team -- but Avon backed up the trash talk with results, as did the whole Hamilton team.

I like Avon but what have they won exactly ?


I suppose when a team hasn't won a playoff game in over a decade that can be considered an accomplishment. I am just surprised. I was expecting that after being part of two GC winners, he would show any hubris over an ESF win.

has he ever shown to be a “classy” kind of guy? Like you said, he backed it up yesterday especially with the TD run.

Cobourne has earned the right to say what he wants. He was definitely a great pickup from free agency to the TiCats and, he played a significant part in the TiCats win. The Als also now have a great replacement. Just a thought- as I have watched the Als miss a first down or a TD both aimed at a 1-2 yard run ( which has definitely been so of late) I usually think to myself that ' Cobourne would have made it'!

Whitaker would have made it…


Absolutely Bang-On
While I join everyone in congratulating Whitaker on a fine season
Some of those hard-nosed yards were lost to us this season
And Cobourne would have made them...more likely than not.
Despite Whitaker's talents...sometimes you just have to run people over
And no....he wouldn't have made it

If anybody cares to remember
Those few key plays this year when AC passed the ball
On crucial downs
With the game in the balance
And 2-3 yards to go to keep the drive going
Not only was Cobourne a huge loss in those situations
But I'm sure...somewhere in the back of his mind
AC may well have mused:
"Too bad Ben wasn't around....he would have been open and made another spectacular grab"

I'm not just referring to the 3rd down in OT
This kind of thing was sprinkled throughout the season
And arguably made all the difference


They were the better team
Just look at the puddin'

Now we have to deal with being beat
By a team less-than .500 team
Take it like a man
And come back stronger

By a team less-than .500 team

Can't help but wonder if Avon will be saying the same this Sunday at about 4:30 pm after facing the number 1 defence in the league.
Best wishes :stuck_out_tongue:

Cobourne has always had a big mouth. His production as a player is taking more and more a backseat to the production from his mouth. He had a big game against the Als? No. He had a big game against a rookie middle linebacker playing his first game in pro football. Big difference.

He will never say it but he left part of his heart in Montreal... He's a courageous player and Whitaker will be the first to tell you how honest he is. Even as Grant was taking over his spot this year, he was still helping him out.

You win, you get to brag... Hope he does well in Winnipeg.


We did not miss Cobournes production with the way Whitaker performed, but I suspect we might have missed his leadership - attitude, arrogance, whatever you want to call it. A team cant be made up of just choir boys.

We probably also missed leadership from Cahoon and Proulx.

Thats why when we start to dismiss Stewart and Wilson, you cant overlook the intangibles they bring to the table.

Its the same in any people business but others emerge over time. Brandon is a pupp, he just turned 26. Running Backs get old overnight, you can't pinpoint when it is going to happen but it always does. When Pringle asked to go because he wasn't going to be used as much he managed to put in another two seasons and it looks like Avon will manage about the same but for every Avon there is a Charles Roberts, Joffrey Reynolds,Joe Smith. If you look at it objectively if Terry Grant had not been injured Avon would be sharing the work with Grant, the same scenario he would have faced in Montreal.

I also believe football teams take on the persona of their head coach, so it is normal that after four years, The Als are very much in the mold of Coach Trestman. Calm, steady and quiet bunch that go about their business in a methodical and very business like manner. Avon was a bit like a square peg in a round hole. I don't mean that in a condescenging way, just reality.

Well look who's just been named All Star running back :wink: