I hope the hell the coaches work the hell out of Cobourne...He had a real bad game...couldn't hang onto the ball...couldn't make his cuts...couldn't run with power...sure...sure he got a few yards in a easy win game ( great win )...but he just wasn't on his best program...he's has to bring it way up to win the playoff games !!

without commenting on which game you watched :roll: Avon is THE hardest working player on the field, without question.
Nobody hits the line harder or fights for extra yards more than him.

Do you think the drops might have something do with the head on collision he had in the 1st half?
You know ,the one that left him on his knees shaking his head to try and clear the cobwebs?

You picked on the wrong guy fella.

Yeah what he said................ :wink:

At least he spelled his name right.

Avon worked extremely hard to find the holes and the extra yards. I believe he could be more effective if the OLIne could block and make some holes. If he goes down, Obie has not brought in a back up to replace Terry Grant. This could come back to haunt them in the play off stretch.


What rock were you living under the past two years?

Avon has been a much needed tonic for the team, bringing hard work and a competive attitude to the team, in addition to having been there, done it, and knowing what is needed to do it again. He had a bad game, he is not perfect, and even with a rare poor game, he provided as much if not more from the position then we have had in years.

It remains to be seen how far this team goes in the playoffs, but I am willing to wager that any post season success will have Avon's fingerprints all over it.

Marcel said later that he had a brief chat with Avon, but then said that he's tougher on himself than any coach could be.

If Cobourne is going to have a bad game, have it now when it won't affect the standings then later in the playoffs. I'm sure when the real action begins, Avon will be ready.

Just wait until post season commences.

This is where Cobourne shines. You don't get to be Grey Cup MVP without that fire.

Yeah! He was terrible! Cut him!

He even had a loaf!


I think there has to be a constant presence of Avon in the game plans.It seems the past 3 or 4 games we lost our rythm but then again we lost Terry Grant and our Captain so the coach has to constantly juggle with what he has.I think the running game should be an integral part of the game and now Avon must take the lead as we fine tune for the playoffs.Players like Avon,Thigpen,Stalla and the 2 QB's know that the time is now to step up and they also need some stellar pass coverage from our "D"and I think we have had this the past 2 games including the Montreal game that we actually won.Build confidence in Avon and the others,the time is now. :wink:

A couple of drops and a fumble is not too bad, and quite understandable after taking that shot to the head right before.

He had a terrific game. 18 touches for 100 yards.

i thought he had a brutal game. luckily for the cats, they still won.
i doubt he'll play that bad again.

I agree that he played poorly this game with dropped passes, and fumble and going off-side on our recovered onside kick. However, he is a quality player and I have every bit of faith in him bouncing back and playing well next week.

That wasn't Cobourne; it was the recently released Michael Carter.

Sounded like the ref said #22 to me, guess I misheard.

Do you have a link showing Carter was released? That's also news to me.

Near the end of this:


Well said and a good point

A realistic person knows he had a bad game but we all hope that is behind him...and for sure the game was a easy win and everybody stepped up and did a great job !

I suspect that we'll be seeing more of Stephenson in the next couple of weeks in order to give Cobourne a rest. Cobourne should still get some touches, but may not be called on for every running play. And it would give the coaches a chance to see what Stephenson can do under real game situation.

With any luck at all, he'll have recovered from that helmet-to-helmet collision last week. He just didn't look right after that hit, and probably should have been taken out of the game. Seeing him shaking his head after the hit should have twigged the trainer that he had suffered a concussion. And dropping a couple of easy passes should have confirmed it for him.