Tout à fait d'accord. Je ne voulais pas dire "Si les Timinous ne gagnent pas la Coupe Grey CETTE ANNÉE avec Cobourne..." mais plutôt "Si les Timinous ne gagnent JAMAIS la Coupe Grey avec Cobourne..."

C'est une autre perspective.

From the story below we can see that Mrs. A.C. had a say in Cobourne`s decisuion.

As we sometimes see with hockey free agent signings, never underestimate the power of a nagging wife!

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Als released a video of Avon and Jim's negociations...

In retrospect, Colbourne was gone after the Als won the Grey Cup last season. This had to be known by him and he made his move via free agency. What I find interesting is that the Trestman/ Cobourne altercations were kept quite secret and unknown by the avarage fan. I recall Richard writing about this but, Richard seems to have inside knowledge re the Als. Just read all the back posts on this specific forum and it appears the average fan did not know and, they were praising the player and, were hoping that he would remain with the team.In Cobourne's last season he had his usual great season with the Als and, was a power blocking and, a running demon in the 2010 Grey Cup. At this point I wonder why the team did not attempt to trade him before free agency for at least a pick somewhere in the Canadian draft. My hunch is that Trestman did not want Cobourne and, thus, did not bargain with him ( like he did not bargain with Chad Owens ). Todate we have a very marginal replacement in Whitaker, an over age NFL player ( remember Santiago ), a TiCat reject who was bood out of Hamilton, a reject of Winnipeg and a couple of no name NCAA players. Yoenson Bernard is a good runner but, can he block or catch those screens? I can hardly wait for the next TiCat Alouette game. Instead of a brilliant power and running back- we now have a bunch of question marks. Remember Coach Matthews went for a few seasons with pathetic NCAA types who were quite ordinary before giving the ball to the CIS grad who had extraordinary seasons before taken down with injuries ( his name escapes me this minute). Better the bird in hand that the bird in the bush. We will shortly find about those birds in the bush! Don't expect anyone of them will equal the excellance of Cobourne.

Éric Lapointe, peut-être?

Il ne nous reste qu'à attendre et voir ce qui arrivera. Nous avons tout de même une excellente ligne offensive, une excellente défensive, un groupe de receveurs enviables, un quart-arrière au sommet de son art, et il est possible qu'un des nouveaux venus se distingue, en fin de compte.

Ce que l'article du Toronto Sun nous montre, c'est que c'était une question d'honneur pour Cobourne d'être le demi le mieux payé de la ligue. Donc, il ne serait pas resté à Montréal de toute façon. Partant de là, cessons les jérémiades et appuyons notre équipe : Cobourne ne reviendra pas de toute façon.

There is no evidence to suggest Trestman didn't want Cobourne back. They guaranteed him the starting position out of training camp, not something you see very often. This was a money decision for Avon based on what he felt he deserved as a starting tailback, however much he may now be using his wife as an excuse. He went to Hamilton. Good on him. But I hope he can stay healthy. He's going to get a lot more touches playing for the Cats -- he won't be a blocker first anymore and we'll see if his body can hold up to the punishment.

Je ne suis pas sûr que Cobourne devra courir plus souvent. Glenn est un très bon passeur et sa saison 2010 est là pour le prouver. Si les Timinous se sont garrochés sur Cobourne, c'est peut-être parce qu'ils voulaient d'abord ses qualités de bloqueur, et ensuite son intensité constante au jeu. En améliorant cet aspect de leur offensive, Bellefeuille pourrait capitaliser un peu plus sur les qualités de Glenn et tirer meilleur profit de leurs bons receveurs.

With their recent addition- S Jyles, I anticipate Toronto will be in step with our team this year and, with Colbourne the TiCats should also be improved. Bring it on !!!

Its really difficult to get a new identity on CFL.CA !

Le point d'interrogation demeure les receveurs de Toronto. Copeland est toujours très bon, même s'il ne rajeunit pas, et Spencer Watt a montré de belles qualités. Brandon Rideau devra s'améliorer cette année. Une fois qu'on a parlé de ces gars-là, y a-t-il vraiment de grosses menaces chez les receveurs. Owens est plutôt une menace sur les retours de bottés, tout comme Christian et Durie. Reggie McNeal peut réussir des jeux, mais de là à le considérer comme dangereux, c'est une autre histoire.

Jyles ne commencera probablement pas la saison. Je crois que Barker va laisser à Lemon assez de corde pour se pendre, et que le poste reviendra naturellement à Jyles par la suite.

Alors pour conclure que les Argonauts seront plus menaçants avec Jyles, d'accord, mais de là à les voir maintenant chauffer le popotin des Alouettes, je suis plus sceptique. Ils devraient connaître un bon début de saison comme l'an dernier, mais devraient s'essouffler par la suite. L'an dernier, ils étaient à 5-2 et ont fini à 9-9. Les Alouettes étaient à 5-2 et ont terminé à 12-6. C'est là que la différence entre ces équipes se fera sentir. Je crains plus les Timinous que les Argonauts en 2011. Remarquez que je disais la même chose à pareille date l'an dernier...

I wouldn't argue that Glenn is a good passer. But Cobb had 227 rushing touches in 2010 to Cobourne's 184. It's not a secret that the Als don't run the ball very often. Hamilton undoubtedly values Cobourne's blocking ability -- it's part of what makes him a great all-around running back -- but I'm fairly certain they'll give him more rushing touches than we would, because their offense is different from ours.

Vu de cette façon, c'est plein de bon sens.

Strange analysis:
After his all- star season in 2009 and, his great play in the Grey Cup that year somehow Cobourne was wrong to be pissed off that the Als focused almost completely on the pass and ignored him.
I've said it before but I'll say it again...this near-suicidal strategy was primarily responsible for Calvillo ending up in the General...and subsequent to that unfortunate event, the Alouettes did an about face and "found their running game"

It might be argued that without Cobourne's well expressed frustration, and that of the fans (and I might add most of the people commenting here) the Alouettes might have continued to pursue their pass-only ways and big AC might have booked a permanent private hospital room.

This bowing to authority and buying whatever the Als management has to peddle is deeply frustrating.
The Alouettes wasted the talents of one of the best backs in the cfl.
Then people have the ludicrous temerity to blame him?

And what will everyone say when Calvillo spends the 2011 season on his backside....or shuttling to the hospital?
Cobourne was essential to our offense.
Not only as a blocking back...but as someone who could punish teams for zeroing in on the pass blow by tacklers who had one thing on their break half-hearted arm-tackles and put the "fear of the run" back in their hearts.

OK...we have a great defense...great receivers and quarterbacks.
I have no idea if this will end up being enough.
But without a running back to complement all that great could be a long and disastrous season.

Le verre peut être à moitié vide ou à moitié plein. Pour ma part, je le vois plein à 90%.

Not sure if you put me in the "blame group" but I am not blaming Avon for anything, I'm grateful for his superb effort and heart and the memories he's left this Als fan but he chose to move on, he's 32 and a husband and father of two and he chose to move for the higher base pay. I respect that, I've done it myself, sometimes it worked out and sometimes I kicked myself. Personaly I think the cost of housing in southern ontario will eat up a good portion of his raise and if the Als continue to dominate the division he might be lucky to break even but it was entirely his choice.

Last season the Als passed 68 percent of the time and Hamilton passed 67 percent of the time. I dont see Avon getting to many more touches than he was getting. When you factor the games he missed last season, had he played them he probably would have gotten more touches than Cobb. You have to look a little deeper than CFL stat pages...

I am certain between Whittaker, Cobb, Bernard and Green, we will be ok. Cobb can also be used as a returner which may allow us to keep him on the roster even if he's not the starting back. It will be a different team as it is every year but it will be a great team.

There is no blame group, in actual fact. I have yet to see anyone post here who isn't grateful for everything Avon provided during his time as an Alouette. We have all, every one of us, given him his due, acknowledged that he is still a great player with plenty left in the tank, and wished him the best in Hamilton. But as you said, he chose to move on for a higher base pay. That was his choice -- not ours, not Popp's, and certainly not Trestman's. You don't guarantee a player a starting position before TC has even arrived if you don't believe in him or want him back. The Als wanted him back. Avon wanted higher base pay. He went for the money, and that's his right as a player on the wrong side of 30 and a family man. But we've said it: unless Hamilton has a deep playoff run, that money decision could backfire for him.

I am certain between Whittaker, Cobb, Bernard and Green, we will be ok. Cobb can also be used as a returner which may allow us to keep him on the roster even if he's not the starting back. [b]It will be a different team as it is every year but it will be a great team.[/b]
Don't forget Emmanuel Marc. Popp has loaded us up with RB candidates this season. He's not stupid and knows that it's crucial for us to replace Cobourne right away. The part in bold is what stands out to me. Every year, teams have turnover. A championship team is one that knows how much to pay to retain which players. Last year, we lost Sanchez, Williams, and Chiu, but we adjusted, and came out champions at season's end. There's no guarantee we'll win the Grey Cup this year, or even go to the big game -- there are never any guarantees. But I would think that back-to-back Grey Cups would earn management a little respect from Als fans. Jim Popp didn't engineer the CFL's model franchise of the past decade blindly, or by accident. He knows what he's doing.

While none of us may ever know for sure, there were stories about Avon muttering about not being played enough...etc. Football is first and foremost a team sport and muttering and grumbling like that can cause others to start chirping as well, leading to poor team morale and dissent. No doubt that little AC was looking for more money, but I don't think the issue was just money.

I said in a previous post that I was floored when they let Mike Pringle go, arguably the best RB the Als ever had, and he, too, had plenty of gas in the tank. There were likley other issues there as well.

I sincerely hope the Als can generate some O on the ground even though their O strategy is not based on the run. Hopefully, the guys we have in camp will do the job.

Arguably is the operative word.

Not to denigrate Pringle at all, but I might be persuaded to rank George Dixon and Dennis Duncan ahead of him. . . J.W. Lockett, not so much.

Okay, so I’m old . . .

Dixon dans le même lot que Pringle, peut-être. Duncan? Ouf! Je ne crois pas. Duncan n'a jamais eu l'impact sur une partie que Pringle pouvait avoir. Avec Pringle, les adversaires savaient que les Alouettes allaient courir, et il passait quand même. Ses performances établissaient si les Alouettes gagnaient ou pas. Il y eu de ça avec Dixon. On ne peut pas dire ça de Duncan, et je ne lui enlève rien.

Point taken, MJ, but I think Dixon (I'm old too!) was known for being as good a receiver as a RB; an "all round" player, as it were. Actually, I think Don Clarke was actually a better RB than Dixon, but he was injury prone.

Of the RBs we had, that is those who were used primarily in that role, I think Pringle ranks up there with the best of them. As another poster stated, the opposing Ds all knew that Pringle was going the get the ball, and yet he still gained the yardage. Little AC had short gains to be sure, but over the course of game would break several long ones which gave the LBs and DHs more than a little to think about.

I certainly hope the Als work running plays into their O schemes this coming season and execute them well. As Rick Moffat would say, I don't want to see AC "kissing the carpet" all season.