Cobourne rarin' to see some action

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“Of course, I was surprised. I was upset. But I can’t do anything about that. They tell me to play, I’ll play; if not ... I work like I’m going to play,? Cobourne said. “I’m just here to do my job. It’s definitely frustrating when you feel like you should be playing.?
head coach George Cortez says Cobourne is still rounding back into form and that was a factor in his decision to go with Chevon Walker last Friday.

“‘Outperformed’ isn’t really the word. I’m not sure Avon is completely in shape yet,? Cortez said. “I don’t think he’s got his legs completely under him yet.

“He’s been very helpful, getting me up to speed protection-wise, reading the right blocks,? Walker said. “This is my first pro-season and I need a guy like that to teach me the stuff that I don’t know.?
Cobourne says he hasn’t discussed the situation with his head coach and isn’t likely to. It doesn’t sound like Cortez is in the dark about the way his player is feeling anyway.

“I haven’t heard him gripe. I’m sure he has. I would be disappointed if he wasn’t griping to be quite honest,? Cortez said. “If you’re asking me if he’s been a distraction, he hasn’t.?

A 33 year old running back who missed training camp may take a while to regain his mojo.

Hopefully, Avon will be ready to go soon as I think his blocking abilities are missed in the

backfield. His presence could prove very valuable in BC.

Of course, playing him would create a ratio problem which I'm sure George cortez

has already thought about.

If Cobourne dress for next game, either Jones or Knowlton will have to sit. Given the non-import depth ar Wr/SB, I say Jones is out, if Avon plays.


Not likely Avon plays but I hope hes does. Walker better learn how to block or we are toast all year long. He is useless blocking in the backfield. Love his speed but last weeks stats were inflated due to his big run. He needs to learns to return kicks because thats another area we are lacking.

We are not lacking in the return game as we have Deon Murphy on our team, but Cortez refuses to play him and his spot is taken by Onrea Jones. If Cobourne, Murphy, and Knowlton (in place of Eiben) play, then we have a chance to win. Also get one of the two ends out and put McElveen at end and Steele at tackle. Problems solved.

The problem with starting Steele is that there is no non-import DT on the roster to back him after Maurice Forbes had to retire. If he gets injured, there is essentially nobody that can come in to replace him without making complicated substitutions elsewhere in the defense.

Its only been one game and Cortez is already getting on my nerves. He needs to wake up. Not having Knowlton and AC in there is hurting us. I understand the ratio issue but Walker is a rookie and needs to learn from a pro like Avon

Let's keep in mind that Cobourne has said he may retire either this year or next. So, we need to start developing others to play that position be it Walker, Grant or any other player that Obie and company bring in. And if Walker is it, then he needs the game time to refine or find his blocking skills.

Does not change the fact they need to find a way to get Avon in there. Sit Jones and dress Avon then and give Stala some playing time

Burris needs to scramble to avod Pressure, its CFL 101 a scrambling QB opens up the running and passing games

"Sit Jones and dress Avon then and give Stala some playing time"

I agree, tcmike. Cortez has plenty of other receivers, that he can choose from. I was disappointed that Stala did not get a catch last game, so I would like to see him in there too....

That's only an issue if the team is playing only seven non-imports. If, on the other hand, the team starts seven NIs plus Steele, then he doesn't need an NI backup.

I'll be more surprised to see Cobourne in uniform this week than I was not to see him last week. So many, here, look at him as a saviour. I'm more aligned with Obie and George, looking at him as a guy who was being replaced, that no other team chose to sign, and was brought back only as the best available, but expensive, insurance in case Walker didn't meet expectations or got injured. Walker's healthy and certainly surpassed expectations in his first CFL game. On only 7 carries, he leads the league in rushing yards, he demonstrated good pass-catching skills, and was an exciting kick returner with his speed and quick moves.
I don't recall thinking to myself, during the game, that the other impressive, but less so, rookie starting RB (Sheets) was out-blocking Walker.

Scrambling is a product of not getting protection. All the more reason to have AC in there

Murphy has been released


and this :thup: