Cobourne? Jackson?

Now that he’s released will he end up in Sask? He was with Chamblin and Khari Jones last year. Either a plus or a negative I suppose. Its a fine line between being brash/ loud and disruptive.
Jarious Jackson could be valuable. A good teammate and very capable. He might be a good influence on Durant whom I thought regressed last year both in performance and leadership. Jackson could provide some needed competition for him as well if need be.

I think Cobourne could be a very valuable player for us if we could sign him. He's definately talented, and his attitude could bring a much needed change from the lifeless play we saw last season. I don't know about Jackson. I'd like to see a good young guy come in and learn under Durant and Jones so he could take over in a number of years if need be.

I don't know if the Riders need Cobourne's wage premium or ego. Great athlete, but pretty high on himself. I still believe the Riders should try to go with youth. If they seriously don't think Bernard can do it, then yeah, bring in a guy like Cobourne or Reynolds. If one of them is available at least bring them to camp.

If Jackson can be signed at the right price, which I think he is willing to negotiate based on the fact he was released last year, then resigned with the Lions under a restructured contract, then I think he would be a great pickup. He will get looks/consideration from other teams including the Esks and Bombers. He is a guy that you can have some confidence in if he is playing, and has some respectable experience.

Both would be too old and too expensive. Rather see the money spent on younger, up-and-coming talent.

The one thing I will say about Cobourne, is while he may have an ego, he is a solid running back and an excellent blocking running back. I'd take him any day over Wes Cates.

I would too and I and hoping we do sign him! :rockin:

He's a running back. He's a very good versatile running back. Having said that, there are tons of talented running backs out there. So I'd love to have him play for the Riders but not with an expensive price tag.

The orice should be low for RBs right now. Cobourne, Cates and Joffrey are all out there looking for work. Supply is MUCH higher than demand for RBs.