His lack of concentration has cost the Ticats at least 3 games for the taking that I can think of this year. They say the jury is still out on Cobb. Don’t know what’s taking them so long but if I’m Obie, I would seriously try and trade him and bring in a more reliable and dependable back. Not a guy that can run for 40 yards here and there and then disappear inbetween those gains. With Cobb, the running game is a mystery at best.

Well, a mystery wrapped in the enigma that is playcalling and roster decisions of Mike Gibson. I think you may be a little hard on Cobb as a prime cause of the mediocrity of a 9-9 season. Sandro has his contingent of critics etc.

The last Calgary loss was actually a pretty good game by Cobb IMHO. Cobb was a non-factor by design in the earlier Montreal losses and I don’t recall another game where one could indulge in the usual reductionism and hang the goat’s horns squarely on him. The Winnipeg loss? The Edmonton loss at Commonwealth? The Saskatchewan losses?

Would Thigpen have been a better option? I would say in many instances, yes! However, I see him as a prime Archie Amerson - Rufus Crawford kind of guy – multi-purpose whose true value may be as a slotback as a regular contributor. He showed me a lot more burst in the brief times he was used as a HB than in most of Cobb’s efforts this year.

Cobb did not have as good a year from a feel standpoint than his rookie year. But 1200+ yard seasons are nothing to sneeze at. We have more “witches” to burn in the secondary IMHO than Cobb, but I look at it in a big picture way. Do our coordinators put our players in a position to win enough? I say no. In playcall AND scheme.

Which team is going to trade for Cobb? Sound of crickets. Edmonton? If you think there is a team going to trade big for a backup, I would like to hear about it.

I agree he must be pushed next year in camp by fresh blood. More is more. We need more consistency. However, I don’t confuse a lack of consistency for being a decisive liability in wins and losses in the backfield. Not in a mostly pass-happy Hamilton. Just saying.

Oski Wee Wee,


Ive said it before and I will say it again. Gibson has to go. No imagination and continues to reun the same plays when the opposing D has figured out how to stop us. Worst O co-ordinator in the league.

True, oskie oui would be hard to attract anything of value for a continual non-factor like Cobb but if anyone could pull it off, Obie could. As for Gibson, tcmike, it's a broken record. He lacks imagination and insists on a very generic brand of offence.

I am more disappointed in Cobbs inability to squeeze the ball when it is thrown his way. Bottom line for this game, we were not going to give anything away as far as new plays. Some new guys got a shot and Reid #99 was amazing. Nice to see he is able to fill Kirks shoes.


Trade/cut Cobb. Fire Gibson. Hey, maybe we should bring Lumsden back; the Cats were a real good team when he was here. Maybe Obie will replace Gibson with Paopao. Those were great Cat teams when he was calling plays.

Some people are broken records. I'll take 9-9 and playoff appearances over 4-14 any day.

I agree 1000%. These whiners don't know a good thing when it is starring them in the face!


Thank you! I get being frustrated, but let's not forget where this team was just two seasons ago. In 2008, if these same people were told that the next two years would see two straight second-place finishes with the accompanying home playoff games, they probably would have been ecstatic.

We've seen too many times that any team can win on any given day, especially this season. I can't wait until the Cats win a Grey Cup and we see a thread talking about all the things they did wrong in the game and how it was a fluke. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Tiger-Cat fans have to be the most fickle fans in all of pro sports.

I might qualify as an eight-track tape, no? LMAO

Cobb should only be subject to being cut if there is a LOCK for a replacement at training camp or the trade block. 1200+ yard rushers are not as easy to come by as folks might think. Ricky Williams agrees with me. LMAO

Firing Gibson? Let's see how we do in the playoffs. My football guru said one time "Winning a great deodorant." My criticisms of him stand, although the Montreal demolition has me hoping the light bulb may have gone on as to how to approach THAT hurdle in the playoffs, Baby steps though. the Argos await!

We shall see. I have confidence that a balanced playcalling approach and the heightened focus of a playoff run can get DeAndra' on track to make a big impact. I believe that includes getting Thigpen more involved in the O as well. Time will tell. Soon.

Oski Wee Wee,


You can rationalize it all you like. 9-9 is nothing great. We haven't beat anybody except Toronto x3 Winnipeg x3 BC after they fumbled 5 times in the fourth qtr, Edmonton at home who everybody has beaten and a disintersted Montreal team followed by a pasting by Calgary and bow out leading up to the playoffs today against a team that started the season 1-7 and we couldn't end up better than a 9-9 mediocre record? If the offense and defensive secondary plays like this against Toronto next we're going out in the first round again.

Cobb's future with the Cats lies in next week's performance, he has a lot of skills and I like him but he's up and down emotionally I think like a yoyo and employers generally don't stick with such types despite talent unless they have to. He's a bit of a talented head case I think.

So many different plays could have won us this game. If Porter gets the first down on the 3rd and 1. If Glenn doesn't throw and interception (the 1st td he threw to Stala was a horrible throw too deflected right through the BC defender's hands.) If Thronton catches that pass over the shoulder (Glenn could have made a better throw and not forced Thornton to make an over the shoulder cross body adjustment at the last second). If Cobb catches the EASY pass on the second down and driving. If Mann hangs on to that long pass in his hands. If Floyd doesn't add to the damage by flinging Lulay out of bounds after he had stepped out. Can anybody just ANYBODY make ONE play to win a very winable game? ANYBODY? I mean, even Dylan Barker did the near impossible and intercepted a pass.

1.Gibson wasn't the one dropping all the passes
2.The Cats had one of there best offence in years and people want to fire Gibson??.. :roll:
3. Gibson didn't show anything new this game.good! it for the Argo's
4.I'm glad they didn't play Thigpen as much as they should have,,would hate to have seen him hurt!
5. Cobb is back to his early season performance,yikes!

Whatever cred you had just went right out the window. That was a perfectly thrown pass. Glenn did everything he was supposed to do. The Receiver needs to catch that pass. Arland Bruce makes that catch 10 times out of 10. That drop was in NO WAY Glenn's fault. To even say so makes me question how long you've been watching this great game.

I don't know that Cobb has been a huge dissappointment, but at times he sure looks slow an indecisive, and he certainly wasn't concentrating on the passes he dropped.

I really hope we see more of Thigpen carrrying the ball in the post-season as he is way faster, and will make much more out of a play than Cobb will. I was fine with him not carrying the ball much against BC, as he she be kept healthy and I don't want Montreal and Toronto to be prepared for him.

I hope that we look for a bigger back to replace Cobb next year. Someone who can get the short yards when we need to.


Bigger backs are great for the short yds. But typically they are slower.


I like your third signature, peg will be 3-0 to start the seasn and they will beat the cats all 4 games this season. Thats rich man, your breaking me up..


You don’t think the first line in his signature might be a clue to the intended sarcasm? This was a post from a Bombers fan from the beginning of the season that he is using to poke fun at Winnipeg’s poor season.

But Kat is understanably disappointed in Cobb’s performance lately. I am a Cobb supporter, but I see that he does have his ups and downs. It seems that he needs to get angry before he can play well - when he’s playing well and you see his face, well, I wouldn’t want to be in his way then. This game, he just wasn’t into it for some reason, and it showed. I’m hoping that next week he’ll be angry enough with his performance this week to kick some great gains off - and catch the freakin’ ball! Hope the line is more fired up next week too. They didn’t look like they were pushing very hard either.

First off, I like Cobb, if for no other reason than he never seems to get hurt. He is at least dependable when it comes to being in the game day in and day out. In saying that, however, he hesitates way too much and never seems to get it into high gear. Thigpen, on the other hand, has another gear when he sees the least bit of open space. I think the two can compliment one another but I want to see them both in the backfield more and maybe close to a 50-50 split running the ball. I think that would make both of them more effective.

Either both in the backfield, or switching off. I used to think they were pretty much interchangable on the run, with Cobb being a better pass blocker. (No actual evidence for that, as I haven’t seen Thigpen pass blocking yet. But that in itself is telling.) But you’re right, Thigpen does have better acceleration and can hit holes more quickly before they shut down. They are giving him more touches every game, it seems, so we may see him even more in the playoffs.

This may all be moot for next week depending on the injury to McDaniel. I can see Thigpen taking his spot quite a bit if he isn’t available. And maybe Cobb taking a few kick returns?